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REDDUCK/Love Bat Review!


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Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)

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REDDUCK/Love Bat Review!


Damage: 40

Range: 6

Accuracy: 90

Stability: 25

Mobility: 75       

ROF (Rate of Fire): 23

Ammo: 1

Cost: 1 day-200 euro, 7 days-1400 euros, 15 days-3000 euros

The bat is the easiest weapon to use as a melee weapon. It is commonly used in melee games because it requires no rank and is very cheap. It is a lot better than a field knife but a kukri can easily overpower it.


Damage: The damage of a bat is close to other melee weapons and is the same as a kukri. It is higher than a field knife but less than a shovel. The OHK is pretty high when the person is not wearing armor and you right click them. It will ALWAYS one hit if you hit their head.


Range: The range of a bat is less than a kukri so you should never swing first. Swinging after them will give you an advantage because they’ll be close to you.


Accuracy: The accuracy of the bat is the main reason why people buy it. It has the highest accuracy out of all the melee weapons. You can easily get quick head shots if you aim carefully.


Mobility: The mobility of a bat is mediocre. Try not to run because people can easily catch up if they use a shovel, clan knife, kukri, or even a field knife! If you do run, don’t run for long distances, always turn around and try to kill them.


Swing: The swing of a bat is just like any kukri or normal melee weapon. (The only melee weapons with a different swing are the clan knife and rose-engraved knife.)


Overall: Over all, I would recommend this melee to anyone, professionals or beginners! It has great accuracy and a good OHK rate. It is also easy to use and is inexpensive. I would rate this weapon a 8/10.


Ingame Description:

REDDUCK Bat-Unique looking bat powered by REDDUCK

Love Bat-Modified design version of REDDUCK Bat. It has been specifically designed to celebrate Valentine’s Day. There is a rumor that some ladies gift Love Bats to handsome soldiers.


Extra Video/Gameplay:

“Alliance of Valiant Arms New Stadium Soccer Gameplay”

Video/Gameplay by SteelHeadz


I hope you enjoyed my review on the bat! Don’t forget to fan if you like it! :D


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