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Noel FR-F2


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Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)

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Noel FR-F2

Alright so I've been hearing this a lot and I mean a lot! It is what is the difference between Noel FR-F2 and the regular FR-F2 because there is a lot of ridiculous comments about this gun and I am just tired of hearing about the complains about the gun. I do indeed have this gun and I am sure or positive that there is nothing different about the Noel Fr-f2 then to the FR-F2 except the Noel-FRF2 is limit edition and is painted into a christmas holiday tree. That it also looks more fancy and nice and many more words to describe the looks of this gun so here goes.



If you look closely there is nothing different in the stats and they can be modded the same way. For the heck of it they have the same mods too. So there is nothing different about the stats in anyway so stop complaining that this gun is over powered.


Rate of fire:

Same thing as stats so if you look closely it will say the same thing. Stop complaining about how the gun shoots faster than the regular FR-F2.



If you notice how some people use Noel-FRF2 tons of people complain and I just really wanted to make a guide why the Noel-FRF2 is not over powered or anything of that sort. It does not have an higher rate of fire, no better stats, different kind of camo coloring and decoration and limited, but nothing else so please people out there who are complaining read this guide even though it is short.




Stay tune for more guides


samuelrock00 posted at 2012-06-29 21:34:55

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