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MG4KE Review

Red Duck Description:

MG4KE, used by the German Federal Armed Forces, is a model specially created to better maintain the ammunition compatibility compared to the G36. It is similar in size to other rifles but general operability is enhanced.


The MG4KE is a powerful light machine gun that is available for riflemen. It has extremely high damage, range, and penetrations allowing to you kill people in a couple shots even at far distances. However, its mobility and accuracy factors are the main disadvantages of this gun. It is only well used scoped in because of its mediocre accuracy and the mobility makes you run extremely slowly. Its ammo can be modded up to 70 shots per magazine but it further decreases mobility, accuracy, and ROF.

How to get the MG4KE:

The MG4KE is available in the normal shop for 58,000 euros and requires you to be rank Staff Sergeant 1. There currently is one special version of this gun, the T-Rex MG4KE, but is only available through high levels of tiered spender.

MG4KE Advantages:

The sought after factors of the MG4KE are its ammo mods and damage and penetration. Although you may move slowly, you can easily kill people with 5-10 shots from distances ranging from 10m-40m. People also buy this gun because of its ammo upgrades. After you’ve increased your ammo capacity, you can prefire around all corners and can shoot through walls and not worry about ammo, however, this mod does decrease other valuable stats. The last advantage of the MG4KE is its stability through the scope. It is similar to the AK107-Bis because it doesn’t do well unscoped in, but is easy to use scoped in because of its low spread and low recoil.

MG4KE Disadvantages:

The main disadvantage of the MG4KE is its mobility, accuracy, and reload time. As you change mods to mods with higher ammo, your mobility and accuracy decrease as well as ROF making it difficult to move around and kill people from short distances. As well as those disadvantages, its reload time is ridiculously slow, so if you reload after every kill, this is not the gun for you. However, if you do have it well modded, you will not have to reload often.

MG4KE Mods:

+20 Ammo Clip (+1 Damage, -2 Accuracy, +2 Stability, -3 Mobility, -1 ROF, +20 Ammo) +40 Ammo Clip (+2 Damage, -3 Accuracy, +3 Stability, -5 Mobility, -2 ROF, +40 Ammo)

Exclusive Dot Sight (+2 Accuracy, +2 Stability, -3 Mobility, -1 ROF)

MG4KE Stats:

Damage: 41

Range: 49

Accuracy: 58

Stability: 42

Mobility: 15

ROF (Rate of Fire): 45    

Ammo: 30, 50, or 70 depending on mods


The MG4KE is a powerful but slow machine gun that is useful in both long ranges and medium ranges. It can be outgunned in close ranges but is good for people who camp or watch the team’s back. Overall, I would rate this gun a 7.5/10 for its abilities in quick killing from far distances and its large ammo capacity.

If you enjoyed this gun don’t forget to fan it and give me more ideas/suggestions for other guides.




CNTN posted at 2013-10-12 17:36:28

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