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Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)

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Whaw, I made this guide along with the BIGxBOOK, but I forgot to upload it XD
This is one of the duck-ranked guns and definitely the best one with AK47 (depends on style of play and what you like.), low recoil and a massive rate of fire. Though the recoil of M4A1 is no-where close to FN-F2000, M4A1 Mk.3 etc. But when tapped or bursted, this gun has practically no recoil. Also, when starting to play AVA, you get a free expendable M4A1 with the hybrid build. Also, M4A1 has the most versions: Bumblebee, Chrome, Carpio and the Mk.3 version of it. M4A1 is actually the M4A1 Mk.2 from Korean AVA (I said Mk.2 not Mk.3). The regular M4A1 of Korean AVA was that bad, that is was scrapped (comparable to how much the M4 Spectre (Yes, a real gun :D) is used currently, that much was the “regular” M4A1 used in Korea. M4A1 is along with R4 Remington and Ak47, the best guns for lower ranks (Below Sergeant First Class: rank 11) but when taking a gun, first buy an expendable to try it out, because if you’ve bought it, there’s no way back on the permanent. Yes, you can sell guns for 1/5 the price you bought it, that’s useless. Better earn some other money than selling your guns. What I say is: NEVER SELL YOUR GUNS, with an exception on higherranks (at least Lieutenant, when you already have multiple weapons for each class). Now let’s talk about the builds/mods.
M4A1 has 3 builds, at least, for me. The easiness is from easy to hard, up to down. Also, for each of them any mount (scope/sight) is possible, I prefer ACOG because I feel more stable with it but many use Red Dot, try some scopes and look what’s the best for you. Oh yeah, scopes are USELESS they don’t add any bonus unless you USE the scope.
Still being capable of dominating the closecombat, but also have the option to “snipe” down people with tapping/bursting. This is a great build for practicing getting used to tapping/bursting since most guns on later ranks require that. (Unless you never buy a rifleman or only buy M4A1 Mk.3 or FN-F2000). This is actually the M4A1 with the mods you get on the beginning, without the Trigger, because that makes the bloom and recoil worse, not worthy that +1 Accuracy.
-Burst Barrel 2
-Laser Sight Mk.2 (I heard rumors about worse recoil and bloom, but I don’t believe it.)
-Prototype Grip
-Recoil Control Stock (Mainly added for the easier recoil control on longer ranges, if using the M4A1 as a pointman, this is not recommended because the little stableness is unnoticeable on the CQC (Close Quarter Combat), while on longer ranges it is.)
Just closecombat fights like a pointman. Also the cheapest way to mod it, since the others are not needed. But using this build is only for the only-CQC-fighters, Hybrid is better if you also want to be killing on longer ranges, but it’s more expensive.
-Burst Barrel Mk.2
I prefer this build, just crouch and tap all the way! Longrange, a real rifleman :D
-Longrange Barrel 2
-Laser Sight Mk.2
-Prototype Grip
-Recoil Control Stock
Don’t add the trigger, it increases bloom and recoil.
Tactics, depending on build your tactics change. Longrange is pretty much tap, but when the enemy is really (unsafely) close to you, go fully automatic. I prefer to shoot like this on longer ranges: 3burst-tap-tap-tap-tap… but that’s what I like. You have your own choice :D On the CQC build just spray (in the direction of the enemy) and play like a pointman. Hybrid is like I said, hybrid. Fully automatic on CQC and burst/tap on longer ranges. M4A1 itself is a very “hybrid” gun, it can be modded to a pointman on the CQC build and also a low-damage rifleman on the Longrange gun, even both! On the… last build that’s over: Hybrid.
Bye! I hope you know now to buy M4A1 or not, and what mods you should get!
I also hope what I see you the next time reading my guides!

Raytiger3 posted at 2012-03-03 22:26:04

True, but the accuracy feels so good for me x-x
Raytiger3 posted 7 years 47 weeks ago
Don't add the laser MKII! It increases sideways recoil
joinron posted 7 years 48 weeks ago

True, but the accuracy feels so good for me x-x

Don't add the laser MKII! It increases sideways recoil

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