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Guide to death diving


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Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)

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Guide to death diving

So basically all/most of the fps gamers get mad every time they die , of course as we know every problem has a solution , why not just avoid death by DODGING IT?

For me i always love to rescue myself by having a scope ready and zoomed in , with a pistol in my pocket ready for any head shots in case i miss (which i rarely do , so if you saw me in game your only way to live is to hide) or get in CQCs.

Some like to rush with a point man and a really heavy ROF gun or a shotgun and go death diving , i prefer that only in small maps or else you don't want to end up like that guy in the picture above.

Why not just aim for the head with a rifle and make your enemy kiss their head/helmet goodbye since we all know that 1 shot of a m14 or para cannot be tanked that easily unless he is heavily armored liek a baus with a point man.

I always scope so it doesn't matter to me how i roll in game , because no matter what you will always need a head shot to finish the job.

Even if you die don't give up and start crying and accusing people of macroing/hacking etc since that would only ruin your image in front of pubstars BUT INSTEAD try again and again until you have done it , in other works MORE PEW PEW , LESS QQ or lots of other sayings you might know (yeah you get it already).

A nice nade to the face at the middle of the round won't really hurt either (will only leave a mark and get you a kill but it's ok) , just remember to nade at unexpected times in unexpected areas.

If you are a point man , you can ALWAYS TRY JUMPING and shooting as your weapon doesn't really have much of that recoil/spread/bloom , its a really nice combo : DASH --> JUMP ---> SHOOT , in other works you go WEEEEEE DEATH FROM ABOVE , end of your enemy's story.

However at clan wars and other serious matches i would recommend using tactics and logic instead of rushing and risking your life for a few kills , it would be better to stay alive and keep your enemies afraid of you.

As always try not to miss your TARGET .

silentwarrior posted at 2011-11-28 12:42:28

good :)
Deborah147 posted 9 years 45 weeks ago

good :)

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