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Guide to clan warring


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Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)

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Guide to clan warring

So most of us love clan wars , especially me because i love the part where you go TEAAAAAAAM WOOOOOOOORK! with your team ... oh wait that's all what's about a clan war.

But seriously what's more awesome than having a nice cup of bullets with your team and spitting those bullets on your enemy clan.

So to make a nice team in a clan war , you should follow the following class build :
1 Pointman
2 Snipers
Rest is rifle man (make sure to aim for the head)

So now with that settled , let's get into ACTION .


The most thing you should know about clan wars is that it's ALWAYS demolition mode SO it's a mix of individual carrying the team and team work , although i prefer the first but the latter is recommended since you won't be any good against the rest of the team alone.

Remember that the main objective is to set the c4 and stall/kill the rest of the remaining enemy troops , never ever go alone some where with the c4 in your hands and get killed as that will result in your team mates getting pinned down in struggle for the c4 , ALWAYS make sure that you are with your team's presence and if you are going to die or low on hp , make sure that you give the c4 to one of your team mates or die next to them in order to make it easier for the rest of the team to proceed to the other target site.

In terrible cases if the enemy is HEAVILY STACKED on a site , try leaving one of your team mates to make some noise tricking the enemy team in thinking that you are still there while the rest of the team go to the other site.


Now it's time for the team swap , on the half of the game team's are swapped so let's see what you and your team mates can do to defend the sites.

I would recommend the same class build , however being a point man should only be picked to get into surprise rushes at any time so that means risking your life.

The nrf role is easier than the EU in my opinion as you just sit down there , probably have a picnic at the site with your team mates until the enemy comes to one of them , just remember to give enemy's position just in case , if all hell breaks loose and lot's of troops surround you call for backup before it's too late.

As when the c4 is set , just take it a BIT SLOW as you are going in a race against time here so any mistake could blow you all up at once.

A ninja defuse would be recommended if there is no hope in winning as it gives some more little chances in winning , just make sure to not make a SINGLE NOISE or else you risk giving out your position.

A right click throw some where near the site can make a really nice distraction too.

So good luck on pwnin the other team with your team mates.

silentwarrior posted at 2011-11-28 12:59:00

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