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Guide For A.V.A


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Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)

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Guide For A.V.A

Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA for short) is a game developed in 2007 by Redduck, and distributed by Neowiz. The game was released October 23, 2007. In November of 2009 in america

The intention of this post is to help people who are not familiar with the game and its functions, so as to enhance their gaming experience. So the intention of the post is for people who do not know yet set.

Small Introduction:

Here are the requirements that your PC must have to play AVA

Minimum Configuration

CPU: Pentium 4 2.4Ghz
GeForce 6600 or Radeon GPU with 128MB GRAM X600/X1600 Shader Model 2
HDD: 1.6 GB free on your HD

Recommended Configuration

CPU: Pentium4 3.0GHz or Dual Core 2.4Ghz, or higher
RAM: 2GB or higher
GeForce 7600GT or Radeon HD 2900 GPU with 256MB or higher Shader Model 3
HDD: 4 GB free on your HD

What kind of game is A.V.A?
AVA Online FPS is built on a simulated war between the EU (European Union) and NRF (New Russia)

Experience the changes of the battlefield!
AVA has what other FPS F2P (Free to Play) have failed to put! Experience the night vision in dark places and shoot down the enemies stationed with grenades that bounce between the walls! Moreover, to create an FPS like this you need a graphics worthy of this game! For this we used the 'Unreal Engine!
Try to fight in different roles!
AVA has a class system, that determine your style of play during a game. But each class has its advantages and disadvantages against the other. From the image below, you can see which classes have the advantages, and which have disadvantages.

- Pointman: They use weapons to short distance, CQC (close combat)
- Rifleman: Using weapons for medium - Long Haul
- SNIPER: They use long range weapons


AVA possesses a vast arsenal of weapons that can be customized in many ways!
Some weapons can be equipped with mufflers (most of them is present in the shop SHOP, in the Pointman) And you can add Sights, Laser Pointers, provided that the weapon can mount them. Some weapons in fact, must be modified to a small amount of € (play money, more about that later) and can thus have a whole new weapon that you can modify to your liking!

How to Play

Ava has many game modes to suit every kind of player! Here in all modes with the explanations:
80-180 points. Under a Team Deathmatch, where one team against another to kill the opponents to achieve a Total of points, to end the game and then determine the winner.

Rounds 6-9. One of the most played on A.V.A. A team against the other, a bomb to blow up two places. Basically we have 2 teams: The EU should stick to killing the enemy team, or set to detonate the bomb to win the game; And the NFR, which must defeat to win the EU or killing them or defuse the bomb. NB!: If the enemy team was killed, but the bomb is still Active, the NFR to win the game must defuse it, otherwise the win will go to the EU!
Example of Demoliton

Rounds 6-8. The EU must steal the cash basis of the nuclear charge by the NFR and bring it to the target to escape. The teams may also canceling each other to win
Example of Convoy

Round 1. Respectively, both teams must win a seat in the center of the map. Whoever wins first wins.
Example of Domination

2 Rounds. In this mode the EU must carry a tank at your destination, avoiding The NFR's blocking the road. At each check-point the EU earn 3 points (attack score). The NFR meanwhile, can destroy the tank to prevent it from moving, using RPGs to their spawning places. At the end of time the roles are reversed.
Example of Escort

AI Annihilation
150-250 kills. In Deathmatch you can find the BOT (characters controlled by the PC). As a simple DM.

Currently only available in Korea, in this mode you will have 5 lives to take out a certain number of enemies.
Example of Suppression

FFA - Free For All
10-45 kills. In this mode you have no allies. You will be the lone wolf who fight for victory!

Cross Steal
Rounds 7-9. It 'a simple capture the flag. Brings the box from side to side in order to obtain a point. Reached the limit, the team with the most points wins!

And then, the mode against bots, a series of "mini adventure" to play with friends:
Prison Break
Death Valley
4-player mode, where you must complete a series of challenges to get a prize!

Rate the game

On A.V.A possess 4 types of currency.

€ - Euro
The € is the main currency of the game. They are imaginary money that you can use to buy anything. The € are obtained in 2 ways:
SUPPLY POINTS: The supply points are obtained at the end of each game. Filled the bar of 100% will get € 5,000
€ ITEMS: The € Items can be bought only Gcoin and ensure + € depending on the object from 10,000 to 140,000 €
FINISHING THE CO-OP: Getting the Box, and finendola earn up to 20,000 €
OBTAINING MEDALS: Getting the medals, earn up to a maximum of € 10,000
G - Gcoin
They are the currency purchased with real money, then you lose out of pocket if you want to buy them-
BP - Battle Points
The Battle points provide a discount in the capsule shop if you would like to "lighten" the price of the item you are going to buy.
C - Coupons
You get from buying weapons Gcoin capsule shop. After a certain total. you can buy certain items.

Capsule Shop

Here is where your dreams come true!
The capsules shop is a shop where you can get various types of weapons, those of WWII (2 nd World War) to those of the Shop with a Skin Normal & Features completely different!
Let's analyze it more closely.

The CS (capsule shop) owns several weapons as we have said before, these weapons can be purchased individually or by using 1 capsule but you can also buy 5 or 10 capsules. Moreover, there are 2 types of purchases. You can buy the capsules:
There is no number, you win, how could you not win. If you can win in the Individual, is really lucky!
One of 200 to 250 Capusle continene the weapon of your dreams. Acquistatene some time and ... cross your fingers!

€ - Using the Euro
The weapons are simple to € ReSkin with different characteristics. The prices of these weapons are as follows:
€ 5000 - € 2500 + 50bp (money intended for 1 capsule)
Pointman for shotguns, Rifleman, Sniper
€ 1500 - € 500 + 25bp (money intended for 1 capsule)
For guns
G - Using Gcoin
The Gcoin as mentioned above are the currency of the Royal game and therefore those who use Gcoin for its purchases in the capsule shop should receive the best weapons! We see the price list for a single weapon & capsule:
10G - 20G (individual) (aiming for a price cap)
Pointman for shotguns, Rifleman, Sniper
10G - 5G (individual) (aiming for a price cap)
For guns

The weapons of the capsule shop are as follows:
STG (44)
M4A1 Bumblebee
Famas Firefox
M2 Carbine
P90 Harimau
M4A1 Chrome
Mad Galil
AK47 Hawkeye
M1A1 Thompson
AN94 Sidewinder
AK47 Hawkeye
AK74m seroja
Snow Leopard M16A2
M4A1 Carpio


A bit of common terms that you might find using AVA

AB - Auto-Balance
AR - Assault Rifle
CW - Clan War
DS - Drag Shot
FF - Friendly Fire
HG - Hand Gun
HS - Head Shot
K / D - Kill / Death Ratio
Pacing - Basically the Tap Fire
PM - Pointman
QC - Quick Change. The QQ short, the technique to switch the knife with the sniper scope to reset the
QS - Quick Scope. Technique used to quickly kill with sniper at close range
RM - Rifleman
RPG - Rocket-Propelled Grenade-
S / D - Score / Death
SG - Shotgun
SMG - Sub-Machine Gun
SR - Sniper Rifle
Stopping - press two directions at once to stop
TK - Team Kill
VC - Voice Chat
NS - Nice shot. Nice one. When you want to compliment the hit / kill the enemy / ally. In some cases it means No Scope.
QQ - When you see this term, it means that you will be rosicando to the point of tears (Equivalent of a "cry" or "ç_ç"

Chat Commands

/ Cls - Clears the chat screen
/ R message - Respond quickly to the person who sent you a message
/? or / help or / h - help Show the various commands
/ G. - Send messages to your friends
/ Quit - Exits the game COMPLETELY
/ Kick [insert name] - Kicks someone from the room (only the master can)
/ F or / friend - Opens the Buddy on the main screen
/ B or / block - Opens the Block in the main screen
/ Clan - Opens the clan in the main screen
/ W [insert name] - Give a person designated to Wishper

Kript0niteThe posted at 2012-02-07 08:57:04

mi sa tanto che hai copiato vari pezzi dal sito di AVA e da alcune guide qui su fanup! Mi sembra... .__.
ultrascati95 posted 8 years 8 weeks ago

mi sa tanto che hai copiato vari pezzi dal sito di AVA e da alcune guide qui su fanup! Mi sembra... .__.

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