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G3A3 Review

Red Duck Description:

HK's G3 is one of rare case of post-war success. Great number has rolled out and has become a Standard Rifle of many NATO countries including Germany. It uses 7.62mm NATO ammo and employs delayed blowback mechanism. With its stability and power, there's no question about G3A3 as a forefront assault rifle.


The G3A3 is an easy to use para-like weapon that is powerful, but not popularly used in games. The G3A3 is only used mostly WITH the upgrade kit, or else it is virtually useless. With the upgrade kit, it has 55 damage allowing you to quickly kill enemies within a couple of shots.

How to get the G3A3:

The G3A3 is your default permanent rifleman weapon that you obtain as you start the game. It is recommended to add the upgrade kit immediately if you want to use the G3A3 for actual games or else it will be difficult to kill other players.

G3A3 Advantages:

The G3A3 /w mod has extremely high damage for a rifleman weapon and can kill within a couple of shots, similar to the past un-nerfed para. It also has good accuracy and ROF that is helpful in close quarter situations. It doesn’t have much bloom for a gun and is basically free to use.

G3A3 Disadvantages:

The main disadvantage of a G3A3 is its bad range and average stability. Its range makes it annoying to kill enemies at ranges form 25-40m, although the accuracy does help immensely by making the crosshairs smaller allowing you to tap towards their upperbody. The recoil can be hard for beginners to handle but is not extreme like the para. The ammo can also be somewhat of an annoyance because you can’t kill 3-4 people with one magazine unless you do multiple headshots but you can always add more ammo using magazine upgrades or use your pistol.

G3A3 Stats:

Damage: 37 (55 with mod)

Range: 50

Accuracy: 70

Stability: 45

Mobility: 45

ROF (Rate of Fire): 50    

Ammo: 25


The G3A3 is an easily obtainable and powerful weapon that can be used by a range of levels. Basically anyone can use it well. I would recommend it to anyone with experience with some recoil and would rate it a 8.5/10 overall.

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CNTN posted at 2013-10-12 17:37:48

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