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G36 Alligator Guide/Review


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G36 Alligator Guide/Review

G36 Alligator Overview:

An improved version of the G36,which, is based on operational experience in Afghanistan, is being used by the German Federation Army. It’s reliability has been improved by enhancing the inner mechanism, and it’s durability has also been improved by plating the inner side of the barrel, chrome.



Included: G36 [Normal] Overview:

H&K gave up delayed blowback system and replaced it with gas – operated system for G36. It is accepted into service with the German Armed Forces. Most of its components are made of plastic, making it durable and easy to produce.



G36 Alligator Breakdown:

The G36 Alligator really is an improved version of the G36. Overall, it has pretty good damage, with little recoil. Its accuracy is top notch Its mobility allows fast movement, doesn’t drag you down. Actually, this weapon is great overall; however it lacks the damage and power to muscle the weapons like Para. Its damage is more in the range of weapons like Famas MK3, Remington and M4A1 MK3. It is so easy to use that, out gunning anyone with any weapon is not difficult at all. 


G36 Alligator Accuracy:

The accuracy of the G36 is pretty good. It’s quite high and is on the same level as AK & Remington. It is really easy to use, with the low recoil and you shouldn’t have any issues. The spray pattern is very easy to master and is very centre orientated even after a few bullets.




G36 Alligator Damage:

If you were to find a basis of critique of this weapon, damage would certainly be a contender. Whilst not expecting the power of Para, it still lacks that extra bit one might want. Actually, I think the damage is pretty good, any more it would become very OP. The damage has increased on this version by (+1). If you were to compare weapons within its range it would be AK, Remington, AN94… Still, this weapon allows you to fully exploit plenty of damage on the enemy. 



G36 Alligator Recoil:

The G36 Alligator has little recoil. It is really easy to control. There shouldn’t be many implications in terms of recoil, on game performance. The recoil and bloom is low, similar to other weapons like Remington. If you don’t like high recoil weapons, this one is for you. 



G36 Alligator MODS:

No MODS available (No MODS on AP weapons)



G36 Alligator VS G36 Normal

Damage: G36 Alligator has (+1) damage compared to G36.

Range: Again repeated the same, in terms of range (+1)

Accuracy:  If the accuracy was not good enough, G36 Alligator is improved by (+2)

Stability: Again repeated the same, in terms of stability (+2)

Mobility: Both retain the same level of mobility

ROF:  ROF (Rate of Fire) has increased on G36 by (+2)

Ammo: Clip size remains the same.


Overall: If you get this weapon, you won’t be disappointed. It is a complete rifle, which compensates the original G36 with increased features. While it may appear marginal, in actual gameplay it is highly appreciated.

The original G36 is pretty bad in comparison, it is not stable and very inaccurate, while the stats may suggest otherwise. In comparison, G36 Alligator has good damage, great accuracy and little recoil, all round good weapon. The only issue is getting it… good luck!





Hope you like it! Thanks for reading.

Advance | FanUp Guardian

Advance posted at 2013-01-23 11:49:58

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