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FMG9 Review

Red Duck Description:

The Magpul FMG-9 is a prototype for a new generation of folding submachine guns, designed by Magpul Industries in 2008. It is made out of a light weight polymer material rather than metal, making it very light and easy to carry. The prototype uses a semi-automatic firing mechanism from a 9mm Glock 19 pistol. With modification, the FMG-9 could also use the mechanism of a Glock 18 machine pistol for Class 3 or law enforcement use. (This is a real gun!)


The Magpul is a secondary gun available in the Capsule shop for Euro capsules. It was just released in the October update for UAVA. It is extremely similar to the Ingram but a bit cheaper and is unable to zoom in.

How to get the FMG9:

The FMG9 is available in the capsule shop for 1500 Euros/ 500 Euros and 50 BP per capsule. It is recommended to buy it somewhere around 1-70/200 or 10-30 individual capsules to maximum your chance of winning it. Do NOT waste too much money on it because secondary weapons aren’t supposed to cost as much as a primary weapon. Don’t forget you need to be a specific rank and you need to have 20k Euros AFTER you purchase your capsules.

FMG9 Breakdown:

The FMG9 is a reliable secondary gun with a high amount of ammo for an automatic secondary. It has a wide spread which is good for close ranges, but bad at long ranges. It is also a rare secondary which is unable to zoom in. It IS good for random headshots because of its slight recoil upwards similar to the SA58 Para before its nerf. Although it has a lower amount of ammo and ROF compared to other auto secondary’s such as the Beretta M93 and Ingram, it has great chance for headshots as stated above that is VERY useful as a sniper against pointmen and riflemen at close ranges.

FMG9 Mobility and Stability:

As stated, the FMG9 has good recoil that makes it easy to get headshots at close ranges, BUT it is difficult to get headshots at long range because its range is very low. The stability might be difficult for beginners to handle. The mobility is somewhat annoying because it you want to go fast with the rifleman, it won’t make much of a difference switching to this.

FMG9 Cosmetic Features:

One of the FMG’s coolest features is that it is folded out from a box looking object. Although this transition is only for a few seconds, you can clearly see a box getting pulled out then flipped in to the gun!

FMG9 Stats:

Damage: 27

Range: 10           

Accuracy: 35

Stability: 25

Mobility: 75

ROF (Rate of Fire): 72

Ammo: 25


The FMG9 is an affordable gun for a range of levels and is easy to get headshots with. I would recommend this gun for anyone who has some experience with recoil. Overall, I would rate this pistol an 8/10 for its great qualities.

If you enjoyed this gun don’t forget to fan it and give me more ideas/suggestions for other guides.






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