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Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)

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Fast Experience Points

So yeah you already know. Here goes in this guide I will talk about on how to getting fast experience points. Which 

  I mean literally fast.




1. CO-OP

1.Each Game mode gives different amount of experience points so  here is one type of game mode you should play. I would

suggest on playing BG or Battle Gear Beginz Extreme cause

it does give you decent amount of experience points.

2.LockDown "EXTREME" because it has lots of prisoners which = more kills and

more experience points and more supply points to.



2. PVP Matches

In these missons there are 8 types of  missons to choose from  Annihilation,Demolition,Escort,Convoy,

Domination,Free for all or FFA,Cross steal, and Escape.

Each game mode has its respected amount of experience points, but there may be

fewer amount of experience points in other missions too. I recommend

Demolition,Escort,Annihilation even though Demolition has fewer  enemies

to kill from it does give a lot of experience points if you get a good

K/D score. Escort because it does give a lot

 of experience points because you can constantly respawn, but must wait

a certain amount of seconds. You can also get attack score and defense score which

raises your K/D score higher, but at the same time

does not give much experience points. Try to kill a lot in

escort and you'll sure

to get lots


experience points.

Annihilation same thing its a team death match so you keep respawning 

 meaning you can get up to 50kills or more if you kill a lot and not let your

team steal all your hard work kills. Remember try to kill

a lot in




What do you mean you ask? I mean actual farming which can get you lots of experience points in hours 

and hours of  playing. 

How do you farm?

You can farm by doing the soccer game and have an afk= away from keyboard account on

and just go to the goal with soccer ball.

Or you can just do an annihilation map and keep killing them which sometimes may

give you a lot.

What happens to them?

Well first of all sometimes lots of people can tell how if they are a farmer or not. If they

suck and has a high rank like LT. Colonel obviously a farmer.

People sometimes just be plain rude calling them "noob farmers" , "NO LIFE", "FAKE RANK NOOB".

So thats what happens to them.


1.It does not give you much supply points 

2. You know those names

 3. Makes you look like a no life


Experience points reward and also gameplay

Battle Gear Trailer

Trailer of Lockdown

Newest demolition there is right now, but I do not like Slim Fox that much

 Well this is the end of the guide and I will always be making guides, but 

Till then


samuelrock00 posted at 2012-06-07 09:38:00

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