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Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)

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FA-MAS Mk.3 Review

Red Duck Description:

An experimental version of the FA-MAS with burst-fire mode. The weapons overall performance has been improved by implementing some features requested by frontline soldiers.


The FA-MAS Mk.3 is a rare rifleman weapon with extremely high ROF, low recoil, and is easily used at all distances. Its DPS is extremely high due to its high ROF and average damage. It can even outgun some pointman weapons. The FA-MAS Mk.3 is NOT a weapon you want to face when you’re in close quarters.

How to get the FA-MAS Mk.3:

The FA-MAS Mk.3 is available in the normal shop for 48,000 euros and is available at rank Staff Sergeant 1. There is currently no other way to obtain it or no other capsule weapon. There is however, the normal FA-MAS (not mk.3) but it is not worth the money.

FA-MAS Mk.3 Advantages:

The FA-MAS Mk.3 has extremely good DPS so it can outgun almost any rifleman gun in close quarters killing the enemy in seconds. Its good accuracy and little to no recoil make it easy to handle for beginners, and its average mobility allows you to move around quickly and efficiently while taking down multiple enemies with a single magazine.

FA-MAS Mk.3 Disadvantages:

The main disadvantage of the FA-MAS Mk.3 is its failure in long distances and its ability to run out of ammo extremely quickly due to its ROF. At long distances, the recoil can be somewhat annoying because you have to burst or tap and aim towards the head. The ammo, although is at 30 like normal riflemen weapons, runs out EXTREMELY quickly because of the gun’s 80 ROF, so it is recommended to reload after multiple shots or if your just low on ammo.

FA-MAS Mk.3 Stats:

Damage: 33

Range: 48

Accuracy: 61

Stability: 45

Mobility: 50

ROF (Rate of Fire): 80    

Ammo: 30


The FA-MAS Mk.3 is an easy to use gun that is easily obtainable at a low rank. It’s easy to handle recoil and its damage per second appeals to many players but the difficulty at long ranges can be frustrating. Overall, I would recommend this gun to people that have played FPS games before, and can handle shooting from long distances. I would rate this gun a 8.5/10.

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CNTN posted at 2013-10-12 17:39:01

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