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DSR-1 Review!


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Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)

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DSR-1 Review!


Damage: 97

Range: 87

Accuracy: 90

Stability: 22

Mobility: 25       

ROF (Rate of Fire): 18

Ammo: 5 (6 with magazine upgrades)

The DSR can be obtained from the normal weapon shop as a Master Sergeant 1 for 57,000 euros. Although it has a high rank requirement, it has a very fast scope and good stability for moveshots. It is one of the most common sniper rifles used in “sniper no semi” rooms.


DSR’s Damage:

The DSR’s damage is about average as shown on stats, but it tags a lot more than you would expect. If you hit someone on the leg, they will most likely tank. It is usually always a OHK in close range but tags often in long range fights.


DSR’s Range:

The DSR has lower range than other guns making it inefficient in long range maps like Hellhound, Gallery, or Showdown. Usually used with a 1-scope, it can be modified to have 2-scopes so you can zoom in more if you want distance.


DSR’s Accuracy:

The DSR’s accuracy is very good combined with the fast scope and stability. Due to its good stability you can easily pull off move shots or jump shots. It is also commonly used for trick shots because of its accuracy and fast scope.


DSR’s Stability:

The DSR’s stability is why you should buy it. It has the best stability of a sniper rifle, excluding capsule guns and semi-snipers. You can easily do move shots and will rarely miss. This is why it is most commonly used in sniper no semi games.


DSR’s Mobility and ROF:

The DSR’s mobility and ROF are another important reason you should get it. It has higher mobility than the average sniper rifle and the ROF is extremely good. If you can quick switch fast, you can easily fire off 5-6 bullets/ the entire magazine in seconds.


Comparison to other sniper rifles:

Compared to other point man guns, the DSR is very good. Although it has a high rank requirement and costs a lot, it has amazing scope speed, mobility, and stability.


Scope speed:

The scope speed of a DSR is almost as fast as a Mosin Nagant. It has the fastest scope speed of all the weapon shop guns and is super-efficient in quick switching. It is used widely in sniper no semi because you can fire off 2-3 shots when a TPG only fires 1-2.


Popular Mods:

Quick Scope 2- Increases scope quickness-has 1 scope and is useful in sniper no semi

High-Powered Scope 2- Increases zoom-has 2 scopes and is useful in normal gameplay

Reinforced Barrel 2- Increases damage and accuracy while decreasing ROF


Overall review:

Overall, I would highly recommend the DSR if you can afford it and have the rank requirement. I would recommend it because of its scope speed and stability allowing it to have the ability to do great trick shots. It also has good mobility and damage for a gun with great scope speed. It is very popular in sniper no semis and has great quick switching potential. I would rate the DSR-1 a 9/10.


Extra Video/Gameplay:

AVA SnowShovel DSR Gameplay [Alliance of Valiant Arms] 

Video/Gameplay by SnowShovel


AVA Ingame Weapon Description:

A German-designed bolt action bull pup sniper rifle. It is designed for the police and other law enforcement agencies. Portability, accuracy, and precision are its greatest strengths. The model comes with a Picatinny rail.


I hope you enjoyed my guide on the DSR-1! Don’t forget to fan if you like it! :D


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