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Destroying the Tank


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Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)

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Destroying the Tank

There are many areas where a tank goes through, and this is no exception to an RPGer as well.

There are only two RPG cases in this mode, and many areas where one can shoot them as well. In general, I suggest a good supply of grenades (at least one or two), for they will come in handy in the long run. Also, a good secondary weapon might be necessary in case you are "rushed". Most importantly, one needs to remember that the RPG is a very lethal weapon: it is used not only for destroying tanks, but it can also be used for blowing people up (my favorite).
----General Information:
~You should wait at least five seconds after the tank is repaired to fire the rocket
~There should only be two RPGers; any more, and it will become a hassle
~The pistol will be your primary weapon, assuming someone rushes you
~Remember that the RPG is a very slow firing weapon, so one should assume (if you are firing the RPG at a person) where the person will go next
----First Area: The Balcony
-This area contains one RPG case, and a view of the opposite team's spawn point, which is where their tank essentially comes from. In general, when firing a rocket, one must remember that the rocket is dead-on on where you aim. Use this to your advantage, as in jumping when firing the rocket. By jumping while firing, this tactic allows for you to (in a way) dodge sniper fire while maintaining maximum health.
-When you first spawn, I suggest automatically going up the ladder, grabbing an RPG and immediately firing a rocket at the opposite wall.
+The reason I do this is because there is usually one or two snipers that just want to get an early kill, and you can use this to your advantage. By firing a rocket, the sniper will most likely be surprised and meet a hasty death.
-After firing that rocket, you should have two rockets left. These should be used to destroy the tank, if another person did not retrieve another RPG with you as well.
+If another person did in fact retrieve another RPG with you, remember that he wants to destroy the tank as well. Therefore, both of you should alternate rocket fire. One person fires a rocket, and another person fires the rocket right after that, ensuring that the tank is destroyed in less than 5 seconds. [This is called alternate firing]
----Alternate Area
-If you do not like the balcony, then the rockets should be fired from the opening between the two cement barriers.
-Firing from this area is quite dangerous because you are essentially in the open for at least 2 seconds. It is then essential that you get cover immediately after firing a rocket in the open.
+You can try the 'jump rocket tactic', which is jumping out from a barrier, firing at the tank, then immediately jumping back behind the barrier. This makes it very hard for snipers to kill you, since you'll be only visible for a second.
-If the tank manages to break through the checkpoint, and you can see the tank visibly, pleasantly toss a grenade over the tank; this should score some kills if someone is escorting or repairing the tank.
-If you are still alive when the tank passes the checkpoint, one should retreat towards the second open area, the area after the checkpoint. This place has no cover, but has a corner which you can jump and shoot the tank, assuming you have anymore RPGs on you.
-As soon as you run out of rockets, quickly retreat to the second area, where you and your teammates will make a final stand.
----Second Area: Last Stand
-This area contains a ladder leading up to a RPG case, along with many opening where one could fire an RPG.
-There is also a large platform extending from where the RPG case is to the end of a wall; be careful, because it is very easy for snipers to kill a person shooting an RPG from there.
-I suggest grabbing an RPG, go down the ladder, and shoot the RPG behind the barrier of sandbags. As soon as you shoot an RPG, immediately duck behind the sandbags and reload your RPG. Then rinse and repeat. This way, you have decent cover (only exposes your head, and even then, its only for a second or two) and can still be able to hit the tank.
+Warning: be careful, as snipers also normally snipe there as well, and they can very well be in the way of your RPG! Take care to notice that no one is in front of you before firing an RPG.
-If this is done right (by yourself or with another person), the tank will move extremely slowly towards its goal.
-However, two RPGers are not useful without a good team that knows when to rush with assault rifles and snipers that can shoot the repairers of the tank. You are not the deciding factor of the game; you are the support of the team, preventing the tank from moving so your teammates can attack.
----I hope you have learned something about destroying tanks in this mini-guide.----

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