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Daily Bonuses when finish daily jobs


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Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)

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Daily Bonuses when finish daily jobs

As you know there are four dailies to be completed in AVA. Completing them gets you extra experience and battle points. If you complete all four of them, you have 10% of getting 5000 supply extra which is always a nice bonus.

The first of four dailies is participating in annihilation, demolition or escort missions. The easiest way is to combine it with your other dailies if possible. Of course if you have dailies in the 3 different modes you cannot combine them. The quickest way to complete this daily is to either join games that have already started, or by creating rooms with a short gamelifespan. For example for demolition, you can create rooms with 3 rounds wins, for annihilation you can create rooms with 80 kill limit and for escort you should just do a Scorpion as it is the shortest escort map.

The second daily is either getting luckyshots or badges. For luckyshots, I find it easier to obtain them in annihilation ai missions. Even though there are bots in the games the luckyshots still count and it is a lot easier getting luckies when killing bots. If you really want to speed up yourluckies get some kind of lucky armor, if you don't have a lot of euros to spend the best choice is the kneepads. They give +2 percent of lucky shots and can be purchased for 3600 euros. Off course you won't notice that much of the extra mobility they give you but thats ok since you just want them for the lucky shots.
Badges are also easier to get in annihilation ai missions. Other options are Infection mode and demolition. For demolition you can usually get an invincible badge quite easy. This daily is usually to be concentrated on when you have finished the other dailies and you only need like one badge sor a few lucky shots to complete it.

For the dailies of killing a number of opponents, there is only one tip that I can give you.
Take a game of which you know you are good at. For example I know I am good at melee, so basically if I need kills in annihilation, I go play soccer or melee games. For demolition, I do the same and join melee only demos (or pistol only demos because sometimes I am good at that too). If you are real good at sniping you can join a snipe only room off course. And if your just good, you can pretty much join any room:).

The easiest way of getting your sd, is starting a room with no killing in it. For example, in demolition you can just plant and defuse the whole time and for escort you can just repair and destroy the tank. This isn't possible for annihilation off course, so if you need an sd in annihilation, I would say the same as for killing a certain number of opponents. Just find a room like snipe or melee only or whatever you are good at. Also, the binos can very useful for getting an sd in annihilation as leader score adds to your sd as well. You can just keep tagging opponents (as much as possible every time you tag) and stay back while they get shot by your teammates. Word of caution though, using binos in annihilation ai games isn't very profitable. You won't get any points for a tagged bot that gets shot.

Using these tips should help you getting your dailies completed more easily.
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Exerath posted at 2012-05-19 12:38:49

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