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Clan Knife Review!


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Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)

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Clan Knife Review!


Damage: 50

Range: 5

Accuracy: 80

Stability: 25

Mobility: 80       

ROF (Rate of Fire): 25

Ammo: 1

Cost: 15 days - 190 AP

The Clan knife is unique knife that requires you to be in a clan before you can buy it. Its stats are similar to the field knife except buffed. It has better damage than the old field knife and has a special animation that no other melee weapon has.


Damage: The damage of the clan knife is one of the major reasons why you should buy it. It has a very high OHK rate because its damage is the second highest of melee weapons. (Prisoners Food Tray+ Camo Hand Axe both have 55 damage) Although it has high damage there is a slight disadvantage because of the swing.


Range: The range of the clan knife is mediocre and the same as the field knife. Always try to wait for the enemy to come closer because their weapon most likely has more range.


Accuracy: The accuracy of the clan knife is also lower than most weapons but you’ll still often hit the head of your enemies.


Mobility: The mobility of the clan knife is also great because it is higher than other melee weapons so you can easily run away if your range fails. Try to prevent running from shovels because they can still catch up with you, so watch your back!


Swing: The swing of the clan knife is a unique animation that only it has. Although the left click is the same as the field knife, when you right click, the knife moves up, then slashes down. Even though it looks cool, it can often delay you hit. Only people who have used the clan knife before and know how to use the swing (as in how long it takes to come down) should use it.


Overall: Overall, the clan knife can be a very powerful weapon. In the hands of an experienced player, it can be extraordinary and do very well. But if a newbie uses it, they will most likely fail with it. Because of the potential of the clan knife, I would rate it an 8.5/10.


Ingame Description:

Clan knife is a special knife only available to clan members of Platoon or higher. Clan knife has extra added damage compared to the Field Knife.


Extra Video:

“A.V.A –Red Clan Knife and Luger”

Video by: MrGamergg


I hope you enjoyed my review on the Clan Knife! Don’t forget to fan if you like it! :D


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