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Capsule Guns Must Have! PART 1I


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Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)

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Capsule Guns Must Have! PART 1I

So here in this guide I will talk about some capsule guns

you must have!



G36 Alligator

G36 Alligator

This gun is very easy to use and can get the job done well!

Most common scenarios are headshots because most people

just spray and it automatically gives them a head shot.

Most best in long range combat, but can also

be decent in close range.





A para like gun which is meant for head shots, but best in close range combat

because of its high rate damage , but accuracy bad.

Best situations in close range combat and medium range.

Do not spray this gun or you will fail!



AKS74U Death Modus

AKS74U Death Modus

What can I say about this gun? Hmm.. oh yeah this gun is

absolutely beast! Best point man gun ever and also the easiest one.

What can I say this gun is so over powered! Don't think your good because

your killing lots of people with it (Friendly Reminder).




A WWII Weapon and also a very nice weapon to!

Can get the job done and is very over powered!

It is standing next to Death Modus as the capsule

weapon point man and has 32shots!


VSS Katana

VSS Katana

A semi automatic sniper which means can shoot constantly

without reloading/cocking the sniper.

Really over powered weapon I think and also

the zoom cross hair is very tight/good looking!

Mean't for medium range combat and takes up

to 3shots to kill.


Mosin Nagant

Mosin Nagant

A very unique and special upgraded rifle

of the Kar-98K. Only downer

for this sniper is it reloads just way to slow. Each bullet takes 1second=

5bullets=5seconds. It does not tag a lot depending on where you hit. It is

indeed a first phase zoom scope, but has a high rate damage.


Well this is the end of PART 1

Stay tune for PART 2

Till then,


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en la proxima guia agrega python

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