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Boa Kukri 1+2 Review


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Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)

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Boa Kukri 1+2 Review


Damage: 40

Range: 7

Accuracy: 82

Stability: 25

Mobility: 76

ROF: 22

Ammo: 1

Cost: 2,200 Euro or 340 AP (Bonus +10,000 Euro)


The Kukri is the most commonly used weapon in AVA because of its OHK chances and its range compared to other melee weapons such as the field knife or Food Tray. When left clicked, it clicks very fast but when you right click it swings slowly. The right click does more damage and has more range compared to the left click. There are two types of Boa kukris that you can buy in the shop, 1 and 2. They both have the exact same except that Boa kukri 2 costs AP and gives you and extra 10,000 euro. The Boa kukri is shiny silver and shaped as a machete. The Euro version requires you to be Staff Sergeant 1 before you can buy it. It is considered as one of the best melee weapons in the game because of its OHK chance and its range. It does NOT have the same stats as an Anaconda or El-Raffe Kukri. I would highly recommend this weapon if you’re a beginner or if you just want to get a really good score :P.

Rating: 9/10



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