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AVA ( special edition )


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Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)

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AVA ( special edition )


Hi guys this is idiot stunt and today I’ll like to share my ideas related to A.V.A.First of all the full form of A.V.A is alliance of valiant arms. It is like a war between the European Union and the neo Russian federation. I m not afraid of saying that this game has the best graphics. I would say that this is just like the famous Call of duty and Counter strike. Guys who have played other types of MMOFPS games like Wolf team and Combat Arms should be quite familiar with this game as most of the MMOFPS are all of the same type. The best thing that I like about this game is that it has various types of game modes. As we can see many people are trying to publish their own private games.


                           NOW I WILL TELL YOU HOW IS THE GAME:-


As we all the other MMOFPS games are very smooth the same is with this one. Whenever you enter the game first you are asked to make a character and after creating it you’ll be asked to complete the game tutorial. But honestly people who have already played MMOFPS game before they do not require a tutorial. But anyway it does not take much time, it may take approx... 5-10 minutes and it is also an easy way to earn some Euros (the currency of this game). The only problem for a new player in this game is that it is very difficult to aim with the weapons in it.



                                        FEEL AFTER PLAYING THIS GAME:-


When you play this game for an hour or so I observed that it’s all the mechanics are just the same as other FPS games that I’ve experienced. IT fells very different when you play it as it is different. I m not just saying so if u don’t believe me you try it on your own.




Some of my favorite features of this game is the customization options for weapons. Basically a player has three classes but he can change it during the game whenever he wants to. The three type of classes are Pointman, Sniper and Rifleman. The pointman is specially used for spray’s and snipers are very effective from a distance and kills an enemy maybe in 1 shot if hit properly while rifleman are good for everything for ranges and for near kills. You have to buy weapons so that those can put in these three classes and can be equipped. The weapon can be customized according to your choice it is just as of all other MMOFPS games. Even though you can customize weapons according your own will but still there are not so many weapons to customize. But in other games like Wolf team and Combat arms you are given a lot of primary weapons that you can customize. Mostly it has three types of the gaming modes:-

i)Demolition-In this type of mode you have to defuse and plant the bombs.

ii) Escort-One of the teams take turns escorting a tank while other tries to stop those guys.

iii) Annihilation-It is a kind of a Team death math . In this whichever team scores 80 or 180 first wins the match.

Guys just try to think how hard it could have been to make all these?????????




This game has one of the best achievement systems I have seen is an online game. In this the players earn medals and some kind of badges for completing their tasks and missions. People who are interested in killing enemy by a grenade or direct head shots are harder ones while others who like to win on the cold case maps are the easier players. Some of the other type of achievements that are very difficult to achieve are like receiving 1,000 kills free for just playing for 1000+ hrs. These achievements are only there in this game as far I know not in any other MMOFPS games other than this. Earning achievements is a type of an honor rewarded to u.


                                                      MAPS AND AUDIO


The quality of this game is awesome!!!!!!!!! I would say I have the best graphics and audio quality not like in any other online game. The map or the radar u can say is incredibly awesome it just tells you the exact location where your friend is. It is not only for telling you where your friend is but your enemies and all those stuff in detail. The maps are well designed by the officials and looks like they’ve worked a lot is developing this game. I would like to end my guide by saying that its sound is very effective to the player’s. it helps in telling where your enemy is by his foot step’s. The one and only reason I mentioned this is because most of other MMOFPS games have a ridiculous sound.

With the help of these features this game is one of the best games in the whole world………!!!!!!!!


This is the end of my guide; I hope u came to know a lot about this game. Please w8 for my next guide till then this is “Idiot Stunt"!!!!

idiotstunt posted at 2012-11-14 10:25:44

Also, your grammar and spelling, don't say w8, say wait. For example, and there are lots more of them in your guide... I'd suggest you to change them!
Raytiger3 posted 6 years 43 weeks ago
So much colors and nice things, but the Comic Sans parts. PLEASE DON'T USE COMIC SANS!
Raytiger3 posted 6 years 43 weeks ago

Also, your grammar and spelling, don't say w8, say wait. For example, and there are lots more of them in your guide... I'd suggest you to change them!

So much colors and nice things, but the Comic Sans parts. PLEASE DON'T USE COMIC SANS!

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