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AVA AK47 Antique Review!


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Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)

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AVA AK47 Antique Review!

Gun Stats:

Damage: 40

Range: 48

Accuracy: 76

Stability: 52

Mobility: 42

ROF (Rate of Fire): 42

Ammo: 30

Cost: Unknown

Bayonet Stats:

Damage: 100

Range: 5~7

Mobility: 42


TheAK47 Antique is a unique AK47 which has not been released to UAVA except to SnowShovel. It looks exactly like a normal AK47 except rustier and it has a bayonet on the tip. In other games, (KAVA and JAVA), it is equivalent in stats and function as the AK47CQB Ao and AK47CQB Aka. Although it has no zooming in/scope, if you right click, you can strike the bayonet. I estimate that the bayonet range is around 5~6 in range and does 100 damage (always 1 hit) according to SnowShovel. It is superior to the regular Ak47 in Range, Accuracy, and ROF. If you aim well and accurately you can easily get headshots because of the low recoil like all Ak47s. At 10m it will kill within 4 shots, and at 5-7m it will kill in 3 shots. It is still uncertain if Aeria will make this gun cost Euro, be a capsule shop weapon, or AP but if it is Euro, then it is well worth the money. I recommend getting it and give it a rating of 9/10.

Some gameplay videos:

"A.V.A. AK47 Antiqueだけとか" By Giko2727

Special Thanks to SnowShovel for letting me use his AK47 Antique


Hope you enjoyed this guide/gun review!



CNTN posted at 2013-01-29 06:14:09

The VIDEO is by Giko2727 NOT THE REVIEW. I wrote the review.
CNTN posted 8 years 10 weeks ago

The VIDEO is by Giko2727 NOT THE REVIEW. I wrote the review.

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