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Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)

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AMD65 Review

Red Duck Description:

Thusly, the AMD65 retained much of the qualities of the original AK47 assault rifle family, including the distinct outward appearance. The cocking handing was held at the right side of the gas cylinder protecting above the barrel assembly. The folding stock was hinged at a single point and folded over the side receiver. The forward stock was fitted under the gas cylinder/barrel area along a lengthened lower receiver. The weapon was fed via a 30-round detachable box magazine and fired at a rate of 750 rounds per minute.


The AMD65 is a cheap but extremely effective and easy to use rifle that is easily obtained at low levels. It has little to no recoil making it easy to use for beginners. It also has high accuracy and good damage. It can also outgun point man guns at closer ranges and does well in medium range. Despite all these good factors, many people believe the AMD65 is an extremely overpowered weapon and think that is only used by “noobish” people.

How to get the AMD65:

The AMD65 is available in the normal shop for 55,000 euros and is available at rank Staff Sergeant 1. It currently has no mod 0 or capsule version that is obtainable in UAVA. It cannot be obtained anywhere else.

AMD65 Advantages:

The main advantage of the AMD65 is its extremely good accuracy and good stability. Its accuracy allows you to take down enemies from far distances across the map with headshots and the low stability helps greatly. There is little to no recoil similar to a weapon such as the M4A1 Mk3 or the XM8. Another great feature about the AMD65 is its high mobility, allowing you to run around faster and not have to pull out a pistol or knife when running, that way, you’ll always be prepared if you randomly meet an enemy. Its other average stats such as its ROF and damage make it a popular gun for beginners and professionals in public matches.

AMD65 Disadvantages:

The only disadvantages of the AMD965 are the low DPS. It has lower than average DPS so guns like the Para will outgun it. Point man weapons like shotguns can out gun you if you don’t aim for the head or upper body fast enough.

AMD65 Stats:

Damage: 35

Range: 45

Accuracy: 71

Stability: 32

Mobility: 63

ROF (Rate of Fire): 51    

Ammo: 30/60


The AMD65 is an easy to use and cost effective alternative to guns such as the XM8. It is powerful at both close ranges and medium ranges where it can easily take down multiple enemies with the same magazines. Because it is somewhat overpowered, do not be surprised if Aeria or Red Duck nerfs the AMD65 in the future. Overall, I would rate this gun a 9/10 for its cost-effectiveness and ease of use.

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