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Is Neume still working on G1?

Because i saw new staff on the forums being presented and not a single post from him since that time.

apsol posted at 2011-11-05 18:11:15


  • Neume left GamersFirst about 2 weeks ago. The new game producer is yet to be presented to the gaming community.

    10 years 3 weeks
    1 Votes
    ops my bad , actually i was supposed to ask , why was he fired?
    Gamerz900 posted 10 years 2 weeks ago
    Anybody know why was he banned?
    Gamerz900 posted 10 years 2 weeks ago
  • apbplaya said:

    No, Neume is not with G1 anymore. about a week and a half ago he left/got fired. Details not known.

    10 years 3 weeks
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