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Is the game just like the GTA games?

I noticed alot of people asking if they'll like this game because they like GTA.
However, I'm the opposite. I'm interested in JC2, but hated the GTA series. Would this be an okay buy for me, or should I skip it?

kin1211 posted at 2012-02-11 03:20:39


  • rocklee said:

    OFC This is awesome game and different From GTA....u can customize all in this game and make your own themes and songs and cars and lots of things in this customize things this game is so different
    From GTA ans any other games....And they will add racing district in this game soon....

    8 years 1 week
    2 Votes
  • TehZmiley said:

    This game is actually very interesting in it's own way. There are many differences between the two games.JC2 allows for more customization which makes it that much more interesting. It's overall a good game.

    7 years 11 weeks
    1 Votes
  • This is not just like GTA games, in this game are enforcers and criminals and they are fighting for SanParo. This is very intresting game and u must play it. It is not Like GTA

    9 years 22 weeks
    1 Votes
  • BF2X said:

    APB is entirely different from GTA. The only thing that's relevant to GTA is the cops vs robbers play style and crime throughout the city. What makes APB different is its customization engine. You can be what you want, how you want and play how you want to play it.

    APB is probably one of the best games I've ever played. It completely sets itself apart from many MMOs.

    9 years 32 weeks
    1 Votes
  • sandpatel said:

    It's better than GTA 4 because of it's fully online game you can join in from any computer just type your ID and password in game...

    8 years 7 hours
    0 Votes
  • The game is similar only with these things: guns, cars, cops vs robbers genre. the entire base of the game is different, the money system and character creation are some the the best aspects of the game and are far better than many others.

    9 years 26 weeks
    0 Votes
    Too better
    Kikirot981 posted 9 years 22 weeks ago
  • yes this game is like GTA they have too many similarities. i think this game just copied from GTA cause they are very same

    9 years 26 weeks
    0 Votes
    They are not same, APB is far better than GTA
    Kikirot981 posted 9 years 22 weeks ago
  • This game is nothing like GTA because GTA is single player only similaritys are third person cars and guns. But APB all you do is pvp there is almost no option for single player. I love the game but some of my friends hate it due to no single player or pve. Only thing i can say is try it yourself only way you will know if you like it.

    9 years 28 weeks
    0 Votes

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