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Can you have other free code such as..?

Hey guys, can you have free code for permanent weapon such us joker or others? I have found for colby and JG.

I have some code of apb...
rocklee posted 8 years 7 weeks ago

Deborah147 posted at 2011-10-24 03:30:36


  • rocklee said:

    PH4TB3ATZ - headphones
    INCOGN1TO - Domino Mask
    FUN4ADAY - 1 Day Premium
    R1FLE4ADAY - 1 day CR-5 Assault Rifle
    UWOTM8 - Taunt Emote
    HAZARDOUS - 4 colour skins for the Hazardous TommyGun
    1WUZH3R3 - Tag Font Set
    CTST-THKC-G9M6-LD64 - 1 day CR-5 Assault Rifle Expired
    TIGGSHASLOSTHERMIND - ATAC 424 'Patroller' (3 Days) Expired
    GIMMETEHG1C - 98 Free G1C Expired
    1DAYGOLDEN44 - ACT 44 gold plated, 1 day.
    NREJNPC461B9V9NN - Agrotech ACES R&D III Expired
    E102T81G11SSV11R - ATAC 424 "Watchman" 3 days
    4GC5BLQ4TZ29C84E = Premium one day free!!!

    8 years 7 weeks
    3 Votes
    ofc they expire this give away is for limited time only ...
    rocklee posted 8 years 6 weeks ago
    but some of codes expired now
    sannokia0011 posted 8 years 7 weeks ago
  • Yoshy said:

    I don't think so, the Joker is a very well selling and good weapon so I am 99% sure that there won't come a perm joker free code.

    10 years 5 weeks
    2 Votes
  • after I insert this question, APB gave free code xD

    10 years 4 weeks
    1 Votes
    sannokia0011 posted 8 years 7 weeks ago
  • rocklee said:

    Here is another free give away code 1 day premium code : WELCOMETOSANPARO......use this code in market place redeem code and you will get 1 day premium....enjoy

    8 years 6 weeks
    0 Votes
  • Gamerz900 said:

    codes for symbols !
    and then this for ntec,act and 3 day premium

    10 years 2 weeks
    0 Votes
  • Yoshy said:

    Yes there are, check out the guide recently posted by EliteCrime on how to get free items from the Armas Marketplace:

    10 years 4 weeks
    0 Votes

I have some code of apb...

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