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STAC 10 Tactical R&D III

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STAC 10 Tactical R&D III

Detail Description of STAC 10 Tactical R&D III

Weapon STAC 10 Tactical R&D III
Found in:Armas
TypeSemi-Automatic Rifle-Marksmen

Time to Kill0.6Sec
Shots to Kill6
Health Damage195
Stamina Damage20
Hard Damage29
Dropoff Range40m
Min Damage Range60m
Min Damage Range100m
Minimum Damage %30%


Ammo Capacity : 100

Clip Capacity : 20

Modifiers (Best Choice)

Cooling Jacket 3:A Cooling Jacket reduces the heat generated with continuous fire, allowing the weapon to fire much closer to its cyclic rate.

Increases Fire Rate by +7%
Increases Accuracy Bloom substantially
Increases Shotgun Spread substantially

Reflex Sight 3 :Reflex sights allow for faster target aquisition at close ranges without obscuring the user's field of view. This helps noticeably improve accuracy outside marksmanship mode.

Decreases zoom level by 5 degrees
Decreases benefit of Marksmanship mode substantially
Increases accuracy while running substantially

Mobility Sling :-A Joker manufactured sling designed to act as a stability aid while moving. This allows the user to walk or run faster while in marksmanship mode, though the complex system of attachment does slightly increase weapon draw time.

Increases movement speed in marksmanship by +50cm/s
 Increases Equip time by +15%


This version is a reskin of our old Joker Sr Carbine weapon. This version looks just like the joker sr, with a different sound. Well we all know placebo effects, so players like me do waay better with Stac 10 than Joker Sr. Stac looks more modern-ish than Joker SR

This version features a stock just like Joker SR.

The STAC was an attempt to provide a weapons platform that was useful in both Close-Quarters combat and at long ranges. Eventually scrapped due to lack of long range accuracy, these carbined rifles nevertheless made their way into both faction's arsenals.The SR15 is one of a kind semi-auto rifle because of its amusing property that allows player to shoot as fast as an SMG while having a long range high damage.A close-mid range semi-auto rifle that is highly mobile.Perhaps the most versatile weapon out there is SR15 as it has movement accuracy like an SMG while having a viable marksmen-mode which Close Quarter Weapons don't have. However, after 50m or so you are better off using a long range secondary (RSA or ACT44) instead, as it's not very accurate to reliably land shots that far.As for mods, the weapon is just about perfectly balanced as stock. You don't necessarily want any sight mods, as Hunting Sight hurts the movement accuracy (which is pretty much why you use this weapon), while Reflex Sight gives you a nonexistant gain while removing the 2nd strenght of the weapon, which is the capability of having range that SMGs don't have.Most people prefer using Cooling Jacket on their SR-15s, and while you necessarily don't shoot faster per-se, but it eliminates majority of the ghost shots and makes the refire rate much more comfortable so that the player won't have as many "dead clicks" either where nothing happens at all. Magazine mods are sort of up to the user

1st Person Personal Experence

In normal users hand it will lose to most of the Close Quarter Weapons in Close Combat and to "more mid range weapons" at mid range (N-Tec), but it is capable of outmaneuvering both just outside their niche. For example,against users you win by having enough range and staying mobile while the mid-rangers go down by going close and moving.Personally I wouldn't use any sight mod, but if I'd have to take any, I'd go Hunting Sight 1 for the minimal downside, but the decent increase in MM-mode through the extra zoom and accuracy.I'd go for three-point sling cos that at least has no downside.

Highly recommended for player who likes to take out players at range without sacrificing the ability to kill players in Close Combat.Good for both pros and newbies !!

Gamerz900 posted at 2014-05-17 21:00:08

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