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Rules of Fight Club


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Rules of Fight Club

Here are some tips about Fight Club :

-Prepare your stuffs before entering. Make sure you have ammo and car of your choice.

-To enter a district, make sure you are NOT in a group. Sometimes, it could kick you out from the district.

-Prepare to run and hide, focusing during the loading.

-Spawn your car but watch out to NOT give it to the player close to you.

-Cars takes NO damages from Enforcers stabbas and stun guns. Remember you can hide in your car to protect yourself from a Cop using non lethal weapons.

-If you use a sniper riffle, there are different tips : double shot with colby RSA then N-HVR, but here in Fight Club, better aim at your target and wait for someone to pre-shot him (it takes less than a second), when you see him bleeding, shoot to finish the target. Lot of people are shooting first.

-If you meet a crazy teamkiller, try to escape. Don't play his game, he loves that.

-Best technique is to run, run and hide then run again. Camping is more dangerous than running.

-There is a weapon exploit using the "try out" weapons from Armas Marketplace. As long as you stay in the same district, you can keep the weapon for longer time than offered. Caution, G1 don't manage or don't want to fix a bug where you loose the modifications slotted when the weapon expires. So WATCH OUT to erase your "try out" weapon modifications. It could cost you 180k APB$.

-For having Ranks, FightClub is usefull. But you need to know that for Demolition Ranks using Osmaw and O-PGL, only straight weapon kills are compting. Blowing a player in a car DO NOT count for Demolition Ranks. So if you want Demolition Ranks, use the Grenade Launcher.

-There are symbol boards where you can put your player symbol on. Remember to make your own advert :) Some Boards in Baylan District are made to do combinations of symbols, time to show some really hard worked graphic art.

-Remember there are Radios at the middle of the map so you can make listen your creations or game songs to others. I love Yo Hey style songs lol.

-During a 1 vs 1 fight, try to hide a second on the obstacles, throwing a grenade, then shoot back again. Most of the rookies are immobile during combats.

-With your car, drive fast. You can roll over many people driving between containers in Baylan District.

-You can also have a gunner on the passenger seat. It offers medals for each kills. Better use a Charge Micro for that job.

-If you like the Beacon District, better have the modification Happy Landing 3 that protect you from receiving damages after falling.

-If you are close to an opponent spawning position, watch out to not run between them and your friends. You could be shot from both sides.

-Use your car as a step to climb or as a bomb placed at a strategical position. Try to take down your opponent with surprising him.

-There are breakable wood planks where there could be standing opponents. Better shoot these planks than the opponent himself, to make him fall and finish him. If you shoot at him he will try to escape first. If he doesn't receive lot of damage first, he will stay and shoot at you. Make him fall, he will be surprised and you can shoot him during his fall.

-In Baylan District, there are trucks to put on the jumping ramp at West of the map. Place it to do giant jumps. works better with Patriot Vegas with Nitro 3.

-Try to follow your friends than running alone. Your friends will automatically meet some opponent and fight in 1 vs 1. Better be there and support him than meet another opponent.

-And last Rule is Do Not talk about Fight Club.

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nice tip

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