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Reporting hackers is becoming easier...


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All Points Bulletin Reloaded (APB)

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Reporting hackers is becoming easier...

... But are we taking advantage of it?

I've been thinking for a bit about how All Points Bulletin and Gamersfirst handles the hacker situation, and how it all breaks down.

First of all, we have Punkbuster. You might think it's useless and it actually is the cause of the lag in some situations, usually when it bans someone it causes a spike on the server itself due to really poor coding. The fact that it -bans- people is pretty amazing and overall it catches about 80%? Just a guess. These are the script-kiddies who bought a script but couldn't figure out how to take the simplest measures to not be caught. It works instantly, unlike VAC which while accurate, takes forever to ban someone and would only be feasible if Gamersfirst integrated their entire system into Steam accounts, which would also take forever. (I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but it'd be costly and time-consuming)

Second, we have GMs patrolling the servers. Sure, there's not much they actively do, but it's really part of their policy. GM's won't speak unless it's relevant to their own job's interests in order to remain professional (at most times. They can feel free to shoot you up while on missions and one actually will because he thinks it's funny) and will inform people who have swastikas that they are going against the rules of decor laid out on the forums. You can be safe in betting they will do anything they can to stop people they see who got past punkbuster.

Third, we have ourselves. The angry bunch of forumers who all want to see that guy we hate banned because he rolled us 30 to nothing. But is it legitimate? This is why we're asked to provide video proof of us getting rolled and you have three ways of doing it:

The police blotter thread - (link unavailable, site is down at the moment) : Posting in the proper format here will get you looked at by the free admins before they would answer a ticket, but you'd also look like a jerk for naming who you think is hacking in public, regardless of format.

Opening a ticket - While this is effective, you still require a video and it will probably take longer

Making a new thread - This has actually happened so much that GMs are stepping in from G1's OTHER GAMES to lock the threads because people don't use the above two to get their problems solved.

Now, how can you tell if it's a hacker? usually, there's three times of people who would own you flat out. People who are good and are usually very high rating, people who use free hacks which are relatively common and harder to detect because the bots are intentionally programmed that way, and the premium paid for version which grants nigh-invulnerability. Not saying that everyone is getting FREE HAX, but it's just something amusing. Normally free-botters get messed up if they see two opponents and try firing at both at the same time, spazzing out, or ignoring one target allowing you to take them out with relative ease. If it were even a good player? He'd prioritize you and take you out if you tried to sneak up on him. The paid version does the same.

Also, botters will rarely change a district. If you suspect someone is botting, you may end up paired against him several times. It might be the case, but it might be dumb luck. If it's been hours and he's still there with no difference in his play? I'd get a bit suspicious myself. Good players will usually get bored of owning or getting owned in a district and leave for greener pastures after a bit, even.

SO --- Not everyone is a bot, and the bots you beat just suck. Deal with them like you would another player by flanking, and post video proof if you're ever thinking it really is a bot or hacks that the other guy is using. They got pros for this.

Pidgey posted at 2011-07-29 20:39:05

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