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OBIR "Vladivostok"


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OBIR "Vladivostok"

Detail Description of OBIR NFPC3

WeaponBurst-Fire Riles
Found in:Armas or Joker Ticket or Contact or Role unlock


Time to Kill12.Sec
Shots to Kill7
Health Damage165x3
Stamina Damage20
Hard Damage20
Dropoff Range67m
Min Damage Range92m
Min Damage Range100m
Minimum Damage %44%


Ammo Capacity 240
Clip Capacity 24

Improved Rifling 3 :- Precision laser-cut polygonal rifling helps improve the operational range of a weapon, heavily increasing the range it fires without losing damage.

 Increases effective range by +7m
Increases maximum reticle bloom substantially

Hunting Sight 3 :- Pin-hole target aperture sight noticeably improves accuracy when focusing in marksmanship mode.

Increases benefit of Marksmanship mode substantially
Increases zoom level by 5 degrees
Decreases accuracy while running substantially
Decreased Spread in Marksmanship mode.

Tagger:-RFID Tags attached to fired rounds effectively mark enemy targets, highlighting them on your Heads Up Display for you and your team. This mod is embedded and cannot be removed from the weapon

Places a Target Marker above targets that you hit, for 8 seconds.
 Enemy player can see when they are tagged.



 The Obeya Burst-fire Infantry Rifle fires 3 round bursts of 556 ammunition, allowing the weapon to fire rounds faster by cooling down between shots. The kick slightly comprimises accuracy at long range, but this is made up for by the initial stopping power the weapon provides.

OBIR is a very good gun in the hands of a good player. OBIR can kill most the moving targets. OBIR is a semi sniper and has good potential for killing.


1st Person Review

OBIR or Obeya Burst-fire Infantry Rifle is one of the most annoying gun in the hands of a good player. The problem is that it fires 3 bullets very quickly,meaning most of the times those 3 bullets will hit you dealing 165x3 damage per shot.

OBIR can kill most of the targets in range. It can beat most the guns in ranged shoot outs. The only bad side with OBIR is the very high TTK.OBIR is best for tagging targets or shooting from a cover. OBIR can easliy lose to ntecs or snipers in ranged shoot outs most of the time. But still in the hands of a very good player OBIR can be the MOST annoying gun in the game.

OBIR "Vladivostok" is an armas preset having the modifications mentioned above.And i would never recommend anybody to buy this gun with real money because its just not worth it to buy this gun. Not at all a good gun in most cases

Take this gun, if you can deal CQC shoot outs , try taking OCA NANO or SDW as secondary.I wouldnt recommend this gun unless you have a good team or group !

Gamerz900 posted at 2013-12-21 20:50:17

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