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Obeya SLR-762 'Broadside'

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Obeya SLR-762 'Broadside'


Detail Description of Obeya SLR-762 'Broadside'



WeaponObeya SLR-762 'Broadside'
Found in:Armas or Joker Ticket
Type Semi-Automatic Rifle-Marksmen.




Time to Kill0.85Sec
Shots to Kill5
Health Damage245
Stamina Damage20
Hard Damage36.75
Dropoff Range60m
Min Damage Range85m
Min Damage Range100m
Minimum Damage %52%




Ammo Capacity 100

Clip Capacity 15



Modifiers (Best Choice)

Reflex Sight 3 :Pin-hole target aperture sight greatly improves accuracy when focusing in marksmanship mode.

Increases zoom level by 5 degrees
Increase benefit of Marksmanship mode substantially
Decreases accuracy while running substantially

Mobility Sling :-A Joker manufactured sling designed to act as a stability aid while moving. This allows the user to walk or run faster while in marksmanship mode, though the complex system of attachment does slightly increase weapon draw time.

Increases movement speed in marksmanship by +50cm/s
 Increases Equip time by +15%


Cooling Jacket 3 :-A Cooling Jacket reduces the heat generated with continuous fire, allowing the weapon to fire much closer to its cyclic rate.

Increases Fire Rate by +7%
Increases Accuracy Bloom substantially
Increases Shotgun Spread substantially


This version is a reskin of the old Obeya 762, with new impressive sound and model. Has 3 slotes and this weapon looks better ! Than the old obeya. Some players love the sound while some others hate it. As we all know placebo effect again, sometimes this gun makes you a pro !

The Obeya SLR 762-caliber Combat Rifle has an impressive range, but lacks any automatic fire capability. The operator is supposed to stand still and fire in order to best make use of it's accuracy.The main drawback to this weapon is the long reload time so if the player runs out of rounds while engaging another player will result in the death of the user.Obeya has excellent range and can be used to shoot fast without losing too much accuracy. Obeya can out hit most of the guns like STAR or NTEC because Obeya is much more accurate with decent amount of damage and pretty good fire rate. The only backside of the Obeya is that , it is not fully automatic but this can be easily beat by using a CoolingJacket and spam clicking while maintaining a fairly good aim.One of the biggest advantages of this weapon is the fact that it can be shot at point-blank range without the need to enter marksmanship mode but thats not 100% that the user will get the kill because most of the guns can out hit Obeya because they have high fire rate and are automatic.Obeya is a real beast in the hands of a good user.Obeya is really accurate in low range (20-30) and the user can full auto fire at this range because the recoil is not high.Obeya can kill even a sniper if used correctly because the snipers have a delay before firing again and since Obeya has good fire rate it is easy for the user to kill the sniper.The best method for the user of Obeya is to Shoot-Sprint-Shoot (SSS method).

1st Person Personal Experence

Obeya is good but the stock Obeya is not much of a cool gun because many others can out hit it.The best thing about Obeya is that, if the Obeya is moded correctly with Cooling Jacket 3, its a beast.With CJ3 on Obeya, this gun can be used for both long range as well as CloseQuarterCombat

because of the high fire rate with decent damage.Obeya requires a player with decent aim and hence Obeya is not recommended for newbie players.If the player find it hard to levelup Marksmen, they can use Joker Carbine till level 5 and get an Obeya with CJ3 on it and rock.The most needed modifications on Obeya is CoolingJacket3 and Hunting Sight3



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