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Joker Carbine 'Punchline'


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Joker Carbine 'Punchline'

Hello, It's rocklee ;)

Here i am going to make a small guide on "Joker Carbine 'Punchline'"...........
I buy this gun last night and played with it.....i don't has any words for this's just awesome gun i ever seen in apb.....
This gun is so special gun in apb because it's modification makes this gun special...
I am big fan of this gun,with this gun i kill 22 people in single mission....

Here is some info about this gun:- Joker Carbine 'Punchline'
Health Damage = 195
Stamina Damage = 20
Hard Damage = 29.5
Max Damage Radius =60m
Time to Kill = 0.70
Shots to Kill = 6
Equip time = 1sec
Fire Interval = 0.140 sec
Reload Time =1.20sec
Max. Range = 100m
Ammo capacity = 100
Magazine Capacity = 15
Run Movement = 412.50cm/s
Walk Movement = 139cm/s
Sprint movement = 600cm/s
Crouch movement = 90cm/s
This gun is best gun for medium and close range in all semi auto guns in apb....
This is preset gun and you only can buy this gun from apb armas market place...i personally like this gun..and the modifications makes this gun so special and i like it's name "punchline"....
because of cooling jacket 3 the fire rate of this gun will be improved so u can kill enemy so fast...
Another modification Magazine Pull 3 makes this gun as fastest you can kill enemy when he was personal and apb friend's experience says This is good gun...
You should try this gun and i am sure that you would like this dont waste time and get this trial gun from apb armas market place ...
Have a,
Good Luck

rocklee posted at 2013-10-12 05:24:52

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