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How to miss less.


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How to miss less.

A lot of people will whine, complain, and gripe about how they shoot someone in the face sixty-billion times but never get a kill, but the answer is really simple: It's lag.

It's not the end of the world, though, the game just doesn't recognize the player as where you're shooting. If you're shooting at the player's model, you'll probably miss a lot, since it takes time for the server to know you're even shooting. How do you combat this? Aim IN FRONT of wherever the opponent is moving just enough so red X's start showing up after you shoot him. This way the server lets you know you actually hit him, instead of the blood splotches which are just animations and really useless.

Bam, free kills now.

Pidgey posted at 2011-07-30 08:16:05

what kind of guide is this ?
rocklee posted 7 years 52 weeks ago

what kind of guide is this ?

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