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How to choose secondaries.


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How to choose secondaries.

Many people would argue that choosing a secondary is really important and that you must pick the right one in order to succeed. You'll also notice everyone has different opinions, but it really comes down to one thing:


All of the secondary weapons will use either Magnum ammo or Pistol ammo. What this effectively does is determine the range and accuracy of the weapon and what would be the best way to use it.

If you want a close range, get something with PISTOL ammo. Because most of the guns you'll come across are machine-pistols anyways, you can expect to use a lot of it and be able to take down upfront enemies almost as good as an idiot with an OCA. These are to usually be used as backup to a long-range weapon.

If you want something for long range, get something with MAGNUM ammo. The Colby RSA and ACT44 are at the moment the only choices, and are meant to be used with Marksman while taking cover. These are great backups for close-range people who use OCAs, or even making the initial hit on a player when farming Sniper Rifle kills (since sniper rifles always kill an already damaged player).


Pidgey posted at 2011-07-30 07:42:16

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