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The GrowBigGuide for beginners.


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All Points Bulletin Reloaded (APB)

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The GrowBigGuide for beginners.

Okay so let's start by saying my in game stats so you'll know that I am not a beginner or something so I know where I'm talking about.
Threat: Gold8
Rating: 100
Alt account.
okay, so let's begin.
1 never walk alone get a party and grow big
2 get in a clan with high threat players
3 party with these players
4 be sure to have some extra money
5 take a look at the following standard game settings, it will help you!
Control settings:
Movement: W,A,S,D
Lean Left: Q
Lean Right: E
Sprint: Shift
Jump: Space
Crouch: C
Walking/jogging: X
Action: F
Weapon Switch: V,Mouse wheel
Resupply Ammo/Vehicle Spawn: T
Call for backup: "B"
Map: M
Witness Criminal: G
Music Player: P
Resume/pause playback: "RCTRL"
Next track: "."
Previous: ","
Fire: Mouse 1
Zoom: Mouse 2
Grenade: LCTRL
Inventory: I
Locker: L
Character Info: J
Menu: O
Quick reply: "Backspace"
Screenshot: PAUSE (screenshot will be added in the APB folder C:\RTW\APB_Beta-EU\APBGame\ScreenShots)
Camera zoom out: "-" (minus)
Carmera zoom in: "+" (plus)
Look behind: "Z"
F Keys:
Primary weapon: F1
Secondary weapon: F2
Holster weapon: F3
Leagues: F4
Armory: F5
Marketplace: F6
Music Studio: F7
Designer: F8
Character Studio: F9
Wardrobe: F10
Garage: F11
Empty: F12
Different types of chat commands:
District : /d
Group: /g
Team: /t
Officer: /o
Reply: /r
Say: /s
Clan: /c
Whisper: /w
Yell: /y
Dance commands:

If you have time take a quick look at my other posts they can help you furhter!
Please Fan this if it helped you :)

Yoshy posted at 2011-10-15 02:03:44

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