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ATAC 424 "Mercenary"


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All Points Bulletin Reloaded (APB)

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ATAC 424 "Mercenary"

Detail Description of ATAC 424 "Mercenary"

Found in:Armas or Joker Ticket
TypeRifle Man


Time to Kill0.6Sec
Shots to Kill8
Health Damage135
Stamina Damage20
Hard Damage18
Dropoff Range50m
Min Damage Range70m
Min Damage Range100m
Minimum Damage %30%


Ammo Capacity 150
Clip Capacity 38


Extended Magazine 3 -Greatly increases the ammo capacity of your weapon's magazine.

Increases Magazine size by +30%
Increases Reload time by +60%

Cooling Jacket 3
:-A Cooling Jacket reduces the heat generated with continuous fire, allowing the weapon to fire much closer to its cyclic rate.

Increases Fire Rate by +7%
- Increases Accuracy Bloom substantially
Increases Shotgun Spread substantially


The Agrotech Tactical Assault Carbine has a revolutionary gas powered feeding-and-firing mechanism with a liquid suspended chamber that absorbs impact to keep your aim level. Its highly modular design allows huge expandability to extend its killing potential.

The agtotech ATAC 424 or commonly known as ATAC is one the most over-powered guns in APBR, but least used since most other rifle can beat the user, if the player doesnt have experience playing APBR.

 The ATAC has complete advantage over normal Rifles, it has high damage, like n-tec (not equal though), the recoil is lower than that of Star. The ATAC enjoy high rate of firing without any Cooling Jacket Modification. The Atac has very good accuracy and recoil. The best recoil and accuracy that a rifle can have.But this version has Cooling Jacket 3 in it, as preset. The cooling jacket 3 acts both as an advantage and a big dis advantage. CJ3 helps to kill those SMG guys in cqc but fails against ranged targets because the high rate of fire increases the spread and decreases the accuracy.


1st Person Personal Experience

The ATAC is an amazing gun. Mostly because of its amazing superiority over other guns. I really like the looks of this gun. And best part, if you got some experience with APBR this gun is really easy  to  use.

I really love the gun cause of its looks, its special modification and its capability to help the player get out alive in serious situations. Not at all a recommended Gun if you planning on being a rifleman

The benifit of using ATAC rfile is that i can full fill both Rifle and SMG capabilities cause of its high rate of fire, less recoil,good amount of bullets and mobility.We should consider  this gun as an SMG more than a rifle. Because its totally useless at ranged shoot outs cause it doesnt have Hunting Sight modification.

I would never recommend anybody this gun because its totally crap gun. Save your G1C and stay away from this gun. It cannot fullfill any roles. But still ATAC is an amazing gun, the setup of this gun just makes it bad.

Gamerz900 posted at 2013-12-21 20:06:44

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