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ATAC 424 "Bodyguard"


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All Points Bulletin Reloaded (APB)

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ATAC 424 "Bodyguard"


Detail Description of ATAC 424 Patroller

Found in:Armas or Joker Ticket
TypeRifle Man


Time to Kill0.7Sec
Shots to Kill8
Health Damage135
Stamina Damage20
Hard Damage18
Dropoff Range50m
Min Damage Range70m
Min Damage Range100m
Minimum Damage %30%


Ammo Capacity 150
Clip Capacity 30



Mag Pull3 :- Rubberized loops on the magazines allow them to be handled easier, greatly improving reload times.

Decreases reload time by -40%
Decreases magazine capacity by -25%

Mobility Sling :-A Joker manufactured sling designed to act as a stability aid while moving. This allows the user to walk or run faster while in marksmanship mode, though the complex system of attachment does slightly increase weapon draw time.

Increases movement speed in marksmanship by +50cm/s
 Increases Equip time by +15%


The Agrotech Tactical Assault Carbine has a revolutionary gas powered feeding-and-firing mechanism with a liquid suspended chamber that absorbs impact to keep your aim level. Its highly modular design allows huge expandability to extend its killing potential.A modified ATAC 424 with greatly improved accuracy whilst in marksmanship mode, greatly increased effective range and improved movement speed whilst in marksmanship mode.

The agtotech ATAC 424 or commonly known as ATAC is one the most over-powered guns in APBR, but least used since most other rifle can beat the user, if the player doesnt have experience playing APBR.

 The ATAC has complete advantage over normal Rifles, it has high damage, like n-tec (not equal though), the recoil is lower than that of Star. The ATAC enjoy high rate of firing without any Cooling Jacket Modification. The Atac has very good accuracy and recoil. The best recoil and accuracy that a rifle can have.

The ATAC Patroller is the cheapest ATAC available in the armas. But the BODYGURAD  is the QUEEN OF GUNs. The most sexiest looking gun in APBR.

1st Person Personal Experience

The ATAC is my best used gun. Mostly because of its amazing superiority over other guns. I really like the looks of this gun. And best part, if you got some experience with APBR this gun is really easy and amazing to  use.

I really love the gun cause of its looks, its special modification and its capability to help the player get out alive in serious situations. Very Recommended Gun if you planning on being a rifleman but loves to get out and kill those pointman creeps.

The benifit of using ATAC file is that i can full fill both Rifle and SMG capabilities cause of its high rate of fire, less recoil . good amount of bullets and mobility. The ATAC Rifle is much better than most of the other rifles.. I would recommend this gun if you are planning on getting a gun that could full fill multiple roles. Even though its considered as a rifle you can kill OCAs most of the time. The only enemy you would be having hard time killing is the PMG or ACES users. Since those guns are considered more over powered.

The Atac BODYGUARD is the sexiest atac. But the truth is that this gun is amazing. This gun is just beyond amazing and i am a frequest user of this gun. This gun is the best choice of any rifle man any day if the user is below R 195.(If above R 195 getting NFCP 3 is better)(well other than patroller )

The BODYGUARD is an amazing gun. It has all the advantages of being in the ATAC family and it just looking super amazing.Everybody looks the looks of this gun.Everybody would say N-tec is better,well they are wrong. Atac is the only gun that can go full auto and still hit 95% shots on target in 30-40m range.

The only bad side the mag pull3 which makes the gun bad for CQC shoot out since you could run out of ammo very fast. Very good gun for most of the shoot out except long ranged because you dont have Hunting Sight 3 on this gun. Still it rocks like a star. ATAC body guard is a very cool looking medium ranged killer. !

Get this gun and rock the world !

Gamerz900 posted at 2013-12-21 20:14:23

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