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All Points Bulletin Reloaded (APB)

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1: If you are guarding the VIP don't be afraid to take your life for the VIP, you do have unlimted lives.

2: If you are guarding the VIP don't wander off from the VIP trying to get kills, in the end you and the VIP might end up dead.

3: If you are the VIP don't go out and try to get kills, stay as far away as possible from the attackers, kill them if you have no other choice.

4: If you are the VIP don't hide in a open area. (Common sense)

5: As a defender or the VIP don't have a mind set like "Their just noobs i can take them" that will get you killed, quantity overpowers quality most of the time, unless they are straight dumbasses.

6: If you are the VIP and you just respawn, get inside somthing, either a car or building because they will be on you so fast if they are smart.

7: If you are attacking, don't let your team or youself be off alone trying to do their own thing, if no one is taking control, you take control, get your team together and work together.

8: Like tip 7 but if you are attacking please for the love of APB don't use separate cars, thats just retarded, get together in a car(s) depending on how big the team and take them out.

9: Don't be a hero on the attacking side if your team goes in a room and dies, don't stay in there trying to take them out, get out, regroup and restrategize. (hence don't try to take them out youself either)

10: If you are on the attacking side, explosives are your best friend, either to blow up their get away car or to soften up the camping spot, use them wisely and effective.

11: For being VIP never stop, unless you are in a camping spot other then that if you are on the road, don't stop. (TIP: Less turns you take with the car the faster it goes with VIP, cars can get decently fast if no turns are taken)

Well thats it, theres probabaly more tips but these were from the top of my head.
Hope these helped you noobs out there, maybe even some for the vets.

Deatric posted at 2012-02-19 16:45:09

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