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Agrotech ACES Rifle R&D III


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Agrotech ACES Rifle R&D III

Detail Description of ACES R&D III

Found in:Armas or Joker Ticket
TypeRifle Man


Time to Kill0.7Sec
Shots to Kill14
Health Damage70
Stamina Damage20
Hard Damage9.8
Dropoff Range30m
Min Damage Range50m
Min Damage Range100m
Minimum Damage %30%


Ammo Capacity 350
Clip Capacity 35

Aces Extended Barrel :The ACES Extended Barrel transforms what is primarily an SMG platform into a pseudo-rifle. The longer rifled barrel allows for higher velocity rounds to be used, increasing damage. The reduced fire rate is also a blessing in disguise, making the accuracy bloom more managable.(Preset)

Increases Damage by +6.6%
Reduces Fire Rate by -10%
 Reduces Hard Damage by -5.7%
Reduces Vertical Recoil by -30%

Hunting Sight 2 :- Pin-hole target aperture sight noticeably improves accuracy when focusing in marksmanship mode.

Increases benefit of Marksmanship mode moderately
Increases zoom level by 5 degrees
Decreases accuracy while runningmoderately
Decreased Spread in Marksmanship mode.

Mobility Sling :-A Joker manufactured sling designed to act as a stability aid while moving. This allows the user to walk or run faster while in marksmanship mode, though the complex system of attachment does slightly increase weapon draw time.

Increases movement speed in marksmanship by +50cm/s
 Increases Equip time by +15%


Firing a small caliber round at exceedingly high rates, the Agrotech Close Engagement System provides a hail of fire at close range. The Rifle config uses an extended barrel, forgoing some fire-power in order to increase effective range.

The agtotech ACES or commonly known as ACES is one the most over-powered guns in APBR, sharing its Over Powered-ness with the PMG/all other rifles. 

The ACES R&D Rifle III is the Rifle version of the ACES. The ACES has complete advantage over normal Rifles, because of its ARMAS only Extended Barrel Modification that has multiple benifits while having very low demerits. The ACES enjoy high rate of firing without any Cooling Jacket Modification. The ACES Rifle fires round as fast a OCA with CJ2, which is a Sub Machine Gun.


1st Person Personal Experience

The Aces is an amazing gun that fires extremely fast round. The recoil of aces is similar to that of an ATAC rifle. The recoil is just vertical only, there is no visible horizontal recoil for this smg. Its easy to counter the recoil since, the recoil isnt high like Tommy gun. The gun is considered over powered, so be ready for accepting hate PMs when you are using this gun. 

I really love the gun cause of its looks, its special modification and its capability to help the player get out alive in serious situations. Very Recommended Gun if you planning on being a point man. 

The benifit of using Aces file is that i can full fill both Rifle and SMG capabilities cause of its high rate of fire, less recoil . huge clip and mobility. The Aces Rifle is much better than Aces SMG. I would recommend this gun if you are planning on getting a gun that could full fill multiple roles. Even though its considered as a rifle. !

Gamerz900 posted at 2013-12-21 19:19:27

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