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How to get Speed Up Without a Trace


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Age of Wushu

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How to get Speed Up Without a Trace

I am playing in June, human resource, be regarded as new, had to dodge fascinated when connected through the clouds when a group-based Friends say I want to learn the water run, fly on the wall, bolted on the ground dodge they all smile, now think about it, basically. Can be considered a deep feeling.

Ado, ye are the first to burst the first adventure, that is, God Xifeng line source, this adventure in the online search is the most. Including me. I do not get the line of God, also searching through information.But those online information really is a bit tricky, ye are today put God provenance for everyone explosive burst.



This is the first figure, place phoenix thinking behind that big tree. Jump that branches to branches of a tree there.



Then ye are God line on hand.


Said here, a bunch of people to spread on the Internet to be met with red lanterns to get eggs, or else do not see this is a rumor, of course, does not include snail Great God this adventure to change to change, at least, took the eggs there is God, OK, go directly to the phoenix thinking that change, there are a lot of people to brush phoenix thinking a good impression, really is not necessary, I took two rows of God, a good impression is still flat.



Online of course there are a lot of rumors that is phoenix thinking that the gate of the yard, left patron of the sinking tree, a lot of children's shoes in which waiting, and then became suspicious. Those posts did not lie to you, with emphasis on the following.

I have just said the first position of the eggs. Rani? First?, You heard wrong, Xifeng side eggs is not a fixed point, it has two spawn points. A lot of shoes are posts misled, those post did not make it clear that we tell you today, the Xifeng behind that big tree on the brush, Xifeng that patio door, the left backing that brush tree, random refresh, the following on the map.



The head is a huge apple tree, children's shoes must often go to Xifeng character of him that are aware of this, and then, heavyweight to



We did not see the right side of this figure, Xifeng yard door, this point should be very clear, you're not wrong, this time my brother stealing eggs.



Successful, then another, and another line hand of God.

In fact, I think God does this stuff really good brush, I also office workers, also on-line. Basically no God line is probably about more than one hours facie, first got God luck ran at the time in the Xifeng behind the trees below, looked up and saw the Bird's Nest 2 The word on the excitement (you're not wrong under the tree looked up to see the Bird's Nest. 2 points) I think we can also play dodge, as long as the place to go is not stagnant, but was really excited ah, literally run out of dodge value not fly up - looked at the Xifeng it around the circle of people - brother hid behind the house meditation dodge, the second fly up.

As for the second one, not so excited, just let me know God nest original two spawn points, so it should be noted, do not hang on the tree, that is, we often hear stop teeth hanging tree.

Both locations have broke the news, then I am sure you will ask the refresh time, I really is not clear, because I got the first of the line of God when the day around 22:10, and then the day after tomorrow, I get one, but I take the 9:40 or so, followed by my friend, I got the next day, to get around 8:30, was said to be 24 hours, was said to be 48 hours, but I really can not be verified, because an interval of the day it is difficult to ensure that someone else took my friend to take that ability I took the day after, and fundamentally no 24 hours. So this really can not explain, the place to tell you, there is luck at all, as long as you keep that basically bound to wait until the nest Oh.



Now I broke the news the Suzhou in several small adventure.

We should be aware of three nests in Suzhou, I just burst the Xifeng that Bird's Nest, trance line, the other two nests weak burst, but when you are bored when can also go to the touch. When practicing the feel, the following is the nest locations of the of inhumane Museum in Suzhou.

This is the Bird's Nest Location, trees in the next Duyiwei backing this adventure online should be a lot, a quick sum with ~


Of course, want to jump or point capability, ha ha ha, brother Eagle Claw brother is not afraid, ha ha





Then randomized to the formulation of blacksmith , this stuff is bad street, unwanted -

But also to build what the value of D ah.

Xifeng not touched the nest can touch the hand again and again, at least know what kind of eggs.Haha. And

Of course, this adventure know more. So there you go not necessarily have. Nothing in the past to play it, idle is idle.

There is also a bird's nest, I am afraid the landlord really did not touch, which in the labor sub-family, online coordinates, but has not seen. Just want my computer adventure the folder put an adventure, have not seen the nest == Although it seems that a garbage formula, but the feeling of adventure play that feeling ~

The explosion below under landlord encountered in several small adventure

Suzhou owned Villa a NPC. Landlord and he did a good impression. Friend said, the past may trigger red lanterns, the landlord is not on the QQ-- red lanterns did not cut down ~

Then this will give you a palette, Nima see this palette so broken that not a good thing -







The landlord saw go into knife method was sweating sweat. Nima is a stingy B. I want you to give ah,

Then there is a small adventure. Also red lanterns NPC place to.

This is Guonan Guang. To be honest, now really think the game is a bit boring, to find that adventure to do, could have been looking at the next gentleman Church to go back to that adventure, Guo goods emerge suddenly found a red lanterns, and then point to open, SORRY, the landlord was not any on the QQ, did not cut the red lanterns ~

Then these goods will make you buy Magic of. Go to the fans to turn Murong Jun ~

The landlord walked over to his fans this woman not lying - saying that, the landlord or a little Lianxiangxiyu, Nima ground cool ah, or brother to take you to the Welcome Inn open room? Ye pure chat?


When you see the chest open and go into knife Fragments of landlord want this woman directly kill Ah, ah, there is wood there ah. I went to the ~

Finally, there is something to forget to remind us, the best conditions to carry more than 500L official silver, the day before yesterday is also a friend, in the field to do the task , and then to an NPC wore red lanterns come to him, yes, dodge store. Actually Nima little water jump, ****, also 400L. That friends decisively off, then used the body of Money, put the warehouse, he said the body with more money like squandering = -. Then we went to go PK ran Chengdu. The name of the name of Nima another NPC wore the red lanterns come to him, **. Nima lead to trouble ah, 2 times in a row, ah, ah Nima interval of several hours. Then, a line of God, 500L. This man was crying, with only 300L, with only dozens of L landlord.Then, 30 seconds, NPC disappeared. He almost smashed home screen - warehouse which stood a few D.Stuck, so do not doubt their own character, you never know when the NPC wore red lanterns come to you and sell you a God what exactly you have no money, you'll be chopped egg to

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