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Age of Wushu - Random Encounters


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Age of Wushu

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Age of Wushu - Random Encounters

Hi guys, FYI this is not info I've collected myself. I found the information on Pastebin dot com but I know i'm not the only one who could make use of it so I'm re-posting the Google translated English version. Wish I could thank the person who originally made this but they were anonymous.

Below you will find hundreds of individual quests for Random Encounters in Age of Wushu. Make sense of it best you can, as you can see Google doesn't translate from Chinese all that well. Enjoy!


Everyone will work together to verify the adventure, is extremely simple, what God doeth, riding waveform, all clouds, extremely easy. I only said 2:00, note that the NPC is evil or Xia Xia, your own brush to 100 points chivalrous, evil, your own brush 100 points, pay attention to gossip protagonist, is the beginning of the adventure NPC, is very likely comic adventure, which is at the source of internal strength and moves, as she is the clouds brush to curious on it, curious, only giving the two something at •
Adventure Description: m Tower in Suzhou brothel next to a small tower of a total of three layers. 3-jump through the clouds up above the top of the tower there is a box jump on to the small tower Layer 3, the box get up, then jump tower following a NPC speak with him there is a package of adventure open to get a good map
Adventure Description: city of Suzhou, there are two chess NPCs (chess garden) I scholar, calligraphy in the two side twice, one name in terms of financial. The rest of the task, the task is to let you go outside the city to kill beggars, to sheet music, calligraphy, random, an experience the accelerated drug for the conversion of.
Adventure Description: bored in Suzhou the dodge hopscotch found a mysterious palette (coordinates: 622,526) picked up after I lost boss palette, holding more than the boss to go to Suzhou Teahouse (Trek props coordinates), reward should be random, I got the reward is a tailor drawings.
Adventure Description: Suzhou martial arts to go duel martial arts apprentice (name) to the adventure items Hou Renxiong lost parcel
Adventure Description: the Suzhou copper crane station 2441113 Tall tree, a bird's nest in the tree, climb trees need to learn 2 and Ta, so three times while jumping jump shot against a wall at the moment of falling on the stone walls , then vertical Yunfei tree, open the nest, to get the well-known jade tablets, and then to coordinate for the corresponding gift.
Adventures Description: has a box at the top of the Octagon in Suzhou, I boss box will open, and then jump off the boss that I sell the oil, called more than XX dialogue, select why facing the octagonal floor sigh, and the parcel he can get a random reward
Adventure Description: Suzhou gold silk village, Daddy, have a palette, open 【Happy leg] Fragmentary.
Adventure Description: Suzhou, a woman named Lu Xia. Ask the person next to you can get a total of three gossip gossip. In which he mentions Ko, Jim. Go to Ko, Jim in Campanula Valley gentleman Church following needs 16 more still need to brush a good impression I do not know. He will tell you to go to town to buy earrings gave that woman. Sold in the shop. And then sent to the woman. Her back to give you an armor
Adventure Description: Suzhou the wind chimes Valley water eye at the the force John (Paradise Valley messengers) with gossip the Shimei rather Shuo naughty and then jump to the next to him that the top of the building of the wind chimes Valley plaque can see a palette from a tree with flew through the clouds building above to open the palette items to speak with Ning Shuo can get a random recipe palette reward
Adventure Description: to find Yau Lung and (100,1325) meditation about in the Campanula Valley of Suzhou, give your character poison the attack. Is completed randomized to reward
11 adventure Description: in Suzhou red piano hormone (832.786) meditation time then suffering from bullying task, the task is completed to a random reward
Adventure Description: Suzhou wind chimes Valley below silkworm village, sub-file live not see, there are wounded Detective, said he will give gossip the next Daddy custody something, then you all can increase a good impression in front of Zhang father, finally, I got a gentleman Church Happy leg Fragmentary.
13 adventure Description: Suzhou spend on board, loose money and the edge of the boss gossip, then go to the gossip said that the woman brush Friends degrees. To the bag if things immediately.
011 adventure Description: do not know adventures in Jimingyi I saw a woodcutter head lantern point in the past, he said he went to cut firewood suddenly encountered a white shadow and then he took his Chai knifed Later, he ran scared to say machete lost my dialogue that He went to his that seems but in North Qu pine near task bar did not find the task in mind
2 adventure Description: the repair Jimingyi builders said he will not only repair also like ditty, at his piano times after received a mandate to complete the task to the box randomly.
Adventure Description: Jimingyi mined on the top left corner of the outside of the old man would say pick up jade, and then into the hole, have a place to dodge into, there are jade, about 10 minutes to refresh, mining , the upper limit of 30, adopted 30 back Jimingyi the, jade mason, dialogue, 10 for reward, incentives are **
Adventure Description: Jimingyi common gaming house owner, dialogue adventures of props go out to speak, killing dozens of two
(5) adventure Description: white Lucas, Jimingyi, gathering to play near the Savage head comprehend burst adventure Goods white soft fur above said the right tasks goods will accept exotic animals of adventure tasks
Adventure Description: the Xue Xue cover, cover Jimingyi (lantern) adventures, 3 times a purse in front of him, Xue cover begging you, you determine will give you cheats package, you can open the yellow hidden weapon Cheats Jin Yi cone,
7 cock Yap good fortune of the NPC next to the elderly
Adventure Description: Imperial Jinling! Found in the palace, Zhu Di, giving him piano! Dialogue audience with the emperor, he said he wanted to incognito tour, you find several eunuchs, and then give you an imperial edict ...... can sell one or two ......
Adventure Description: the Yanjing hussars camp adventure the hussars camp near picked up an "Art of War", to the the hussars camp captain, and then give you a horse
Adventure Description: playing a good impression in front of Yanjing hue monk, a good impression of a certain, he said to me: "you or not destined, from my Buddha" I choose from gave me a Jiedao
Adventure Description: Yan capital, Qu Chen (404,208), pains and tasks: the injured farmer, the use of farmer skills plus a good impression, get the quest, the quest random, I got Jackdaws grass
Gentleman Church:
Adventure Description: gentleman Church Anxue Yan, gossip connected with Shao painting, and then seems to be a degree of goodwill? I brush before a close friend, and now just plain, but talk to me. To the chest, open synthetic Cheats.
Adventure: in Luoyang Biaoju GE Ping (879.797), sit and lay in front of the Ge plane over what will give you a task, the task is completed to get a tablature - "Oulu Forgetting" and a classical manuscripts - - "Wing have nothing to fear."
Adventure Description: Get the gossip letter to go first the old Hall next to the monk, and then find the door to the old Songshan College Hall, he tell you to go Songshan College to find Moi Bo Langgu back, to get back to looking after old Huoti the task assigned tasks to complete quest random
2 adventure Description: the Shaolin White, Chen-chen (463.601) adventure. . Fire innocent strength, reputation. Jade wrist 92 Defense
The 2 adventure collection: click adventure bear complete process without the process, it has been confirmed that the head of red lanterns (through the collection of information on all aspects)
28. Qiandeng town water and fire Shuangsha chess adventure
29 the Emei Xu haoyue, Yufeng needle
30 Suzhou I dust Shitai love letter
31. Qiandeng town car E Green
32. Qiandeng town benefits hospital
33. Town of Qiandeng Chutian Biao
34. Qiandeng Town Exhibition Mu $
35. Wudang empty Taoist
36. Yu Qiaohe of
37 Zhao Bin
38. Wudang clean sub-
39 Wudang Yuan-fu
40. The Wudang Ge money
42. Soldiers in front of the White Horse Temple in Luoyang Trek props documents
43 Shaolin easy dust
44. Gentleman Church should gentry
45 Emei Yu Jie
46. ​​Hmong, Qiandeng Town, Buggy Days 701 877
47. Qiandeng town Oriental Yuhuan
48. Qiandeng town Zhu Qing 687,770
49. Gentleman Church flood 100 square brush goodwill of God line without a trace
50. Qiandeng Town Zhu Qing good impression the Tianshan Sword screenplay plot
51. Qiandeng town black people
52. Qiandeng town STRING sister
53. Qiandeng Town Palace Jun
54. Qiandeng Town Mason
55 less Lin Qingzu
56. Li Qiandeng Town crown $ true and false Modao of
57 Jing Hui need a diary
58 Suzhou Zhu children
59. Suzhou Liu Zhen Shu
60 Suzhou Cai Bang and crutches
61 Suzhou Fan Tang Wuxia Complete Works
(62) Suzhou loose money.
63 Suzhou single cutting off meridians
64 Luoyang Fort Albatron door Shoda
65 beggars hall Jing Shi drinking in front of
66 the Emei DANESIS Shitai love letter
67. The Emei adventure playful spirit recipient Xiaoyun to find props [Mujian]
68. Growth righteousness
69 [desert the Wushi Gu Wolf Luoyang [Iraq inflammation the Bin] has adventure
Tang guard declared Joan 70.
71 Murong Murong family WEI Yu
72. The dust
85 73.422 of Song Ying Acts Yanjing Jun sub legend
74 gentleman Tong Fuk Hao Xuan gentleman, a legend of
75 Zhuobu Fan Qiandeng Town script
76. Gentleman Tong Jiang Yan Tian Shan Sword script
77 Amidst Zhuang Duan Xuan
78. Stuart King, Qiandeng Town Biluochun
79. The promise of profit or
80 businessman Xue boss Erengu to
The 81. Magic Yan Shuangxiong of Zhao Yu Pang
82 desert forest Tsing Yi
83 desert north of the Great Wall 721 486 there is a NPC named Li diffuse language
84. The Luoyang woodcutter Dou Jiatian good impression like
85 33538 legends in the formation of desert NPC initiative to come to a good place
86 desert north of the Great Wall Mi constant cloud
88 in eight martial art opening, Wudang Jianzhong grave robbers kill adventure items, followed by in Jianzhong entrance excitation Huo Star favor excitable adventure is about to send drawings I change a consummate weapons drawings ~
90 The man behind the houses there is a Shen Maldives. A a B a. Just make up a story. Then the Suzhou blacksmith there beggar words spoken by exactly this content. . . Three itinerant character of Jimingyi common gaming house, A man conversation.
91. Gentleman Church Yan Kang Hanmei of array
03 Part II: from the official website of the adventure content
The senior internal strength residues adventure locations, Jimingyi the resurrection point two beggars meditation plus favorability (the Da Goubang method, Zhaoshou, Luohan, 2, tai chi, demons knife, broken love quatrain, volume)
Adventure Location 2 the Tang Dynasty Saatchi main gangs can be traced back inside the tripod meditation cited around the gang guard onlookers (the Da Goubang method, Zhaoshou, Luohan, 2, tai chi, demons knife, broken love quatrain, and other senior a very high probability of internal strength Fragmentary) (adventure)
Adventures Location 3, Erengu to the Dufang, (kind of stick method, Zhaoshou, Luohan, 2, tai chi, demons knife, broken love quatrain, internal strength Fragmentary) (see the character, may be followed by The chivalrous value)
Adventure locations, the Luoyang Wudang martial export opposite the island above beggars disciples and mobile Woman, (Da Goubang method, Zhaoshou, Luohan, 2, tai chi, the Omen knife, breaking conditions and Seven- , and other senior internal strength Fragmentary)
Adventure Location 5, the desert beyond the Great Wall, 231.698 Yu Wudong, (the Da Goubang method, Zhaoshou, Luohan, 2, tai chi, demons knife, broken love quatrain, and other senior internal strength Fragmentary) (chance of a finished product 2 )
Adventure Location Suzhou mysterious old man (the Da Goubang method, Zhaoshou, Luohan, 2, tai chi, demons knife, broken love quatrain, senior internal strength Fragmentary)
Adventure Location 7 village of Suzhou Muyu (trance only without a trace) (the probability is very small)
Adventure locations, the formation of desert, Xiao Xiao 218.705, (Da Goubang law, Zhaoshou Luohan 2, tai chi, demons knife, broken love quatrain, and other senior internal strength Fragmentary)
Adventure Location, Chengdu brothel, (kind of stick method, Zhaoshou, Luohan, 2, tai chi, Omen knife, broken love quatrain, senior internal strength Fragmentary)
Adventure Location 10 Location adventure highest probability, the desert beyond the Great Wall, 212612. I layer 8 adventure at the same time on this day the same time,
The above adventure mostly should NPC favorability rose like the above have a chance to trigger. Depends on you in the shoes of their character,
Emei - Five by: Luoyang, a large round table in the upper left corner following a child - Iraq Yan Bin, to 2-20 WUFU, the random may be nothing to (must Qiandeng town of birth)
Book Wudang-XX (sorry forgot the name of Wudang): Yanjing Escort next to a brothel at the gate went in Wudang disciples to the 25 (I heard To Wudang disciples) Wudang before there is a Luoyang Yan door family Murong XX in the pavilion next to the residue. . . Not know harmony baa. . .
The beggars - Yu Yang: Suzhou Hotel front door of the jewelers, surnamed Fan beggar. . . To this residue and then to the whole of the. . . Then how many layers of
Beggars restaurant near the called Teng XX, a gambler. . . . To this. . .
These are I measured 7 measured the published adventures Posts by themselves and other players a summary of the majority of the trigger condition has been modified, but the conditions trigger adventure NPC has not changed, only added some adventure address a random time to refresh 2.15 available
Tang Men:
Adventure Description: the girls spend Lin in Tangmen Jin Yi Beach (429.624) the next find clues refugees trapped in the gold snake Beach (430.490) dialogue back in a dialogue with the flower Lin, and then spent Lin father in (489, .342) and you will help him kill pirate child - Locke the Golden Snake beach parties (342.357), kill Locke go back and find flowers Lynn, her home will be stored for many years martial arts book to give players.
Adventure Description: the scene Tangmen Profiler traces task point where (silver pinch and spoon to take things), the next boulder like jade. Click prompted for "silk paper map silk paper maps, get a clue. To be verified
Tang Men 1167, -142 Blue Qin Ju snowfall, I fear Mrs. cold brought a cloak, Mrs. joy, with wooden sticks in the the side snow on the Chamber taught me to write.
Tang Men 1145, -163 Ai construction of the main door of his wife is not angry, patience is very proud of, then they just stand outside this Chamber, do not go.
Tang Men 1030, -157 Tang Solutions Language Xiaoqiong is my bodyguard but I love with the sister, Jingshan Road Pengcha.
Tang Men 1030, -157 Tangbo Rome was not built in a day of cold, Tang where the brothers stopped working hard in order to guard the task before the grandmother entrusted with the hall.
1042 Tangmen, -129 Bao Ying before dawn to see the Don where Shige shirtless practice, sweat .... die of shame, so close did not dare look at him.
1042 Tangmen, -129 Tang Liang heard Wang Fang Fan since all kinds Chamber guard has never tasted a wine.
Tang Men 997, -146 Gong Yao confused, Peng Shige do not like to drink, but to keep Fort important task, how can I go to the about ..... must think I'm casually ......
In 1001 Tangmen -92 Don the narrow not think Yu Young mediocre martial arts, literature is not where, as the name Joseph House guard too Qucai.
Tangmen 968, -120 Li and I know serve Solutions Language recruited Joan surface seriousness, in fact, very pro-sooner or later get to
Tang Men 975, -128 Tangzhi Zhi outside the Church that Yu Yi always secretly Look at me, will be dumped reverse beings beauty, I do not cry rushed to shout?
Tang Men, 984, of -123 health promotion Joan heard Peng Lan executive ordinary guard all day but put it down, saying unknown already the Barbara strange.
Tang Men 948, -132 Tang Yu cents or night cream, do not go and those who do not line fellow teacher fucks sisters.
Tangmen 970, -131 TANG thousands of health promotion Joan within the Church of personal maids, weekdays cautious words and deeds, said profligacy was determined to be a rumor.
Tangmen 986, of -169 Tangyue Cream sister obviously there, but I did not dare to speak to her, she was like a static.
Tang Men 896, -80 Tang arc thought bridgewatchers Xiaowei studying the Confucian seriousness all day, but under the bed that the erotic ...
890 Tangmen, -99 the Donley keep Gate Peng brothers usually always holding the books of sages, we do Young little to admire.
Ms. Zhang Tang Men Shou Qian Jun cloister kind-hearted, every day will be a pot of rice on the back of the house, for the Wildcats stray dogs to feed their families.
Tang Men 891, -235 Tang dry my clothes yesterday, breaking a corner is the other side of Ms. Zhang complement, scheduled to take thank her is.
Tang Men, 878, -241 Tang Gallery, Mrs. Reed Zhang know I am old and lonely, often sent his son to me nonsense, I was actually very joy.
873 Tangmen, -225 Don rain Qi Zhangfu the the good things, people's cooking, and her husband is really lucky.
Tang Men 874, -218 day day suddenly heavy rains, the street everyone running rain, the side of Ms. Zhang umbrella for a disabled beggar.
Tangmen Huangfu Xiong Yu Yat ordinary, within the Church guard martial arts flat, but holding this talk about all day long wanted to become a sage, stupid, right?
The Tang Men to 1022,4 Tang Lanchun, brother But drug task, not a short time. It seems Slim Slim, but still can not repair the heart.
Tang Tang Men 1030,18 the Tang Jiabao guard disciples inside the spring is not to eat the wrong medicine, run all day long to the Medic? Strange eyes.
The Tang Men 1036,25 Tang Ruhai the spring brother caught a few doses of medicine, would not be in the interest of self-cultivation, but still need to be used with caution.
Brother the Tang Men 1036,25 Tang Cai Ying spring again fill a prescription, is not like me? He was humble, self-cultivation, but also handsome ......
1081 Tangmen, -34 Li and side Tang Cream, usually a stern, forbidding look, in fact, the evening ......
I know serve Solutions Language recruited the Joan surface seriousness, in fact, Mei is, sooner or later get to
Tang Men, 823, -58 the Lu Every WEI Young Chengtiandaowan. Meditation practice, Zhi Buzai bridgewatchers to like Cultivation.
Mountainside pavilion a Kimihito, and looked people are very hard working, there is no malicious good and do not come .....
1091 Tangmen, -164 Shou Asahi perhaps serve grandmother, the Kan sister never talk and laugh with people, usually to get the piano yardsticks alone.
Had won sister asked me yesterday Do you want to learn poetry, so close to the station, the word or stuffy.
1071 Tangmen, the Tang where Shige practice, -153 Kou employed addressed to the outside so hard, I, I shall endeavor is, otherwise, how can there be skinned let him guide ......
That Wang put where alter-ego, posturing, but it is aggressive only what any Chamber guard.
1 adventures description:
Wudang disciples lounge that, there are a few beggars that kitchen. House of several female students, there are a jade bed, and that female students chat, gossip information, and then the Yanwu plus a good impression, will Yingying NPC and called the next task, playing small task done, then send a reward, got a jewelry map
2 adventures description:
The Amidst Zhuang tall bridge south of a waterside bushes bushes a loot items "books" (coordinates: 494.964), get the books, according to the props prompt Amidst Zhuang restaurant owners trigger to reward the "Jackdaws grass", to speed up the experience of conversion rate.
3 adventures description:
In Suzhou octagonal floor on top of a box, I boss box will open, and then jump off, I boss that sell oil is more than XX dialogue, select why facing the octagonal floor sigh, and then give him the parcel can random awards
4 adventures description:
Amidst Zhuang tofu beauty obtained the Yaopai get the edge and then expose the true colors this time there will be scenes system notice All players can kill and drop about 40 two coins and Cai Huazei dialogue can trigger repeatedly changed adventure waw
5 adventures description:
The girl flowers Lynn looking for clues in the the Tang Men Jin Yi beach (429.624), followed by dialogue back in dialogue with flowers Lynn refugees trapped in the gold snake Beach (430.490), and then spend Lin father let you go in (489, .342) The he killed pirate child - Locke the Golden Snake beach parties (342.357), kill Locke go back and find flowers Lin, her home will be stored for many years martial Collection sent to the players.
6 adventures description:
Peach Blossom Island Peach Blossom array behind the village an old man then gossip to say the next phoenix thinking like to dig eggs to dig eggs to Fung thinking the phoenix thinking behind the peach (10 points Hit I find that eggs can not be found , ... really eggs)
7 adventures description:
The city of Suzhou, there are two chess NPC (in chess garden)
I scholar, the two side calligraphy twice, one name in terms of financial. The rest of the task, the task is to let you go outside the city to kill beggars, to sheet music, calligraphy, random, an experience the accelerated drug for the conversion of.
8 adventures description:
Yanjing the hussars camp adventure the hussars camp near picked up an "Art of War" to the the hussars camp captain, and then give you a horse (seems to prestige or internal force reaches a certain level)
9 adventures description:
First to the the Wudang scene (1010.419) with Jill for gossip, so you look for Jun 000 days (1014.394) give you a sword, so that you sent to the east of Wudang Shen Tu Zaixuan (40.605), the NPC will walk at the intersection I did not see go out into the Brewers visit to the direction of walking will be able to see.
10 adventures description:
Amidst Zhuang Tian Boguang meditation can name red dead money brush 3 times did not pull the brush more than 30 two binding money
11 adventures description:
Prestige to 3500, and three disciples learn martial arts in Suzhou will get 3 Hou Renxiong the pocketbook, then again Hou Renxiong to meditate beside plus friendliness. And then wait for you to make up
12 adventures description:
Songshan College at the gate (who told this thing under there?) Old Hall, and then he told you to go to Songshan College looking the Moi people to get back to Bo Langgu, to return to find old Huoti the task assigned tasks completed quest random
13 adventures description:
, Looking at the Chengdu Yamen Detective pick gossip task, the clue is to kill the the Western Regions killer, the Western Regions killer in Suzhou outside the southwest. Carefully looking for will be able to get a letter after the kill, get Suzhou Phi at Phi Phi will tell you to go looking for her brother's Broken Sword roof will fly to dodge, and then tell you to look for Suzhou antique collection home, after identification, Broken Sword is a famous sword in the rivers and lakes in the antique house will get a better weapons trade with you.
14 adventures description:
Adventure Description: Suzhou copper crane station 2441113 Tall tree, a bird's nest in the tree, climb trees need to learn 2 and Ta jump, side jump shot so three times on the cliff at the moment of falling walls, and then longitudinal Yunfei tree, open the nest, get the well-known jade tablets, then the coordinates to receive the corresponding gift.
15 adventures description:
The city of Chengdu, a beggar, and then kept saying hungry, not to reflect, to learn to cook and cook in front of him, he will give you a task to experience drug
16 adventures description:
Emei disciples the Wudang the Aralia mountain around a lake, there is a small house. Lake woman called Liao painting, the head of a lantern, he likes to Wudang swordsman in gossip next to a handsome weapon three words what I forgot. Allows you to send a love letter to the past, and then you find the Wudang disciples love letters sent to, and then he turned to a well-known jade tablets to call back to the Liao painting, the Aralia mountain scene, point to open, and then there is a map, studio skills, puzzles, remember to spell the misspelled no continuation, because I misspelled. I only took a random spree. The other two points worth noting. I multi-task props silver 200 two, and then the task will not appear in the list of tasks, all to coordinate send.
17 adventures description:
Jimingyi I saw a woodcutter head of a big lantern on the last point he said he went to cut firewood suddenly encountered a white shadow and then he took his firewood knifed Later, he ran scared to say machete lost my dialogue that he went he said as if in the near North Qu pine
18 adventures description:
Suzhou wind chimes Valley below what silkworm village, sub-file live not see, there are wounded Detective, he will give a gossip that the next Daddy care of something, and then you Zhang Daddy do in front of a variety of things that can increase the goodwill of, I finally took a gentleman Church Happy leg Fragmentary.
 Equipment articles:

  Murong Villa find "Betty" jump or above dodge leggings to complete the task of defense 266.

  Found in Luoyang martial arts NPC sloppy Habitat gossip, to jump before Turre good impression, these npc stand together. Get defensive-282 shoes

  3 clothing NPC Jinchan Village: (Man Fong Yuk)

  Suzhou map to get to the door of the martial arts both disciples that gossip, get incentives to martial arts main hall. This requires a certain martial Rank trigger condition, the trigger can not go to practice martial arts. Weapons random, but the 6-70 attacks

  Dodge class:

  Greenery town map farmers apprentice, wait a Mengtiao meditation can be triggered. "Mirs wings"

  The identity of the 15000 to meet the conditions of the rivers and lakes prestige reward through the clouds vertical "dodge

  The Emei map search "to nine dust along with the task: dodge color wind nod"

  Yan Garden in Suzhou, Suzhou map to find a mysterious Taoist Xuan Qing child next task, this task must jump or dodge more to complete, to jump

  On the top of the tower, The Peak, very abnormal, the final completion of dodge shadow floating incense "

  Of Chengdu Map Search Luchao Wu "trigger adventure, drunk boss of the world in accordance with the Task Tips to that end. Get dodge spread upward step "that is, three sections of jump, but this clause looks like a front gossip, or has been harmonious

  Chengdu Tangmen Map: Snake Cave found near Long Yun Pa gossip, to find the mystery man jump a good impression, get the burden snake into the cave to the specified npc kill him, get Sec jump strengthen dodge five animals change

  Hidden weapon categories:

  First: the Tang Jiabao find Bridge that received according to the Tangmen disciples Lu every gossip tasks, and then to the next to find Wei Qun has been dancing. Get the treasure map. To find the treasure

  Box "head over heels"

  Article: in the the Tang Men sects After mountainside on to find NPC Zi Ning (disciples Tangmen) jump for a task is triggered, and then something to the NPC cable World martial arts Cheats "the gossamer reminder soul"

  Article: cockfights can specifically jump Chengdu front news, gossip in Chengdu East Gate NPC Zhang Qiang. In accordance with the task flow to the palace family, and finally to a good hidden weapon Cheats "browed needle technique. This is a hidden weapon Cheats, when using a hidden weapon white × needle chance of poisoning people, poisoning vertigo 5 seconds

  Wu Cheats articles:

  Article: Wudang door looking for the "quick knife" gossip, Song Chun Qing a good Mengtiao to feel you can get. "Tai Chi sword superficial" this same process was jump to someone not jumping for unknown reasons.

  Article II: the Happy the Taoist Friends degrees reaches a certain level (beating), will give you a chest key, then go to the mountain Wudang. Woods behind the Golden Temple, the patron of the local chest open. Get "Tai Chi sword swallow deeply moved"

  Article: Tai Chi sword tricyclic sets Cheats

  1 in Wudang search: mania Taoist, in the left side of the mania Taoist an old man, with his dialogue for gossip;

  2 in madness Taoist edge jump almost 15 minutes, a dialogue with him, for another gossip news, he also will give you a books tell you to go unscrupulous business owner firewood as;

  3. In the Wudang search firewood as a dialogue with him, turned over the books. He asked you to be stolen money;

  4 stolen money in the Wudang Map steal sugar cane village near a strange finish the task can get the martial arts.

  Article IV: Tai Chi sword of the lion shook his head Cheats

  Access to: in the Wudang Map Search horse eight knife in his side, a female NPC then gossip. Skip to blue and then to the horse eight knife edge, will be the next task. Down according to the task to do like

  Shaolin Cheats:

  Article 1: "poke its nose stick work" to find ancestral benevolence "task favorability trigger.

  Article: "Buddhism Hirowatari the stick work the Shaolin upper right corner of the map Zhaitang find" progenitor net, get favorability to trigger the task.

  Article: progenitor gossip mirror Zen master task is completed Buddhism breadth

  Article IV: net German gossip tasks to complete to get the "Buddhist breadth"

  Article: Qing phase gossip task ध of

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