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About FanUp

Our Community is a community for fans of online games, including Facebook games, iPhone and Android games, MMOs and Virtual Worlds. No matter what you play, our motto is “Take your game to the next level.” The portal will provide a game-like environment for players to meet each other, share tips and strategies, win prizes, discover games, get detailed information on virtual goods, climb the leader board, earn credits and buy, earn or win in-game items and currency for their favorite games. Our goal is to become the #1 destination portal for millions of online gamers.

Contact Us

Send an email to for customer support or business related issues or for community related issues.

Our Team

The team includes experienced entrepreneurs, software developers and, of course, avid gamers who want to bring you the best community experience possible.

  Community Kingpins Stormin' iNormie Swaton 

and Jaryd "Splooshi" Fontana

  Marketing & Biz Dev Wizard  "Silklord"

  Avatar Angel Extraordinaire Crissi Wright

  Web Design Guru Lance Chau

  Office Manager "Shenbot"

Web & Drupal Ninjas Lex Lee and Luke Yan

Server Sultan Plamen Petrov

And, of course, we would be nothing without our awesome Mods:  41ste, datest9, sorjaialex, ShowKase, Glorum, Rales, itouchisfun






























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