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Minecraft Building Contest

Rollercoster building contest winner - biosnipe

Beach house building contest winner(s) - was such a close match between these guys that we decided to split the prize between them. congrats to King_Ra and FanUpProSon


Hey there creative block builder! Want to win 2150 FanBucks? Or win you or a friend a free Minecraft account? Well then participate in the FanUp Official Minecraft Building Contest! During this contest you will have the opportunity to build unique designs on Minecraft and the best design for that week will win.

How to participate?
*You must have some version of Minecraft to play on.
*You must create a FanUp account (this is where you will post the screenshot or video)
*You must follow the event task, as it will tell you what to build during the event.

You will begin by building what is on the description for that week. Categories are random and may take more time than others. You can build your creations in single player or multiplayer (Item IDs are allowed) but only one person can build the design, the person that will receive the prize. Then take (one) screenshot or video of your creation (whichever displays your design best). Post your screenshot or video in their sections of the event page. The user with the screenshot or video that has the most "fans" will win 2150 fanbucks, enough for a Minecraft gift code or other gamer currency.


*The design must be yours and yours only and during the event period. If we suspect that the screenshot isn’t yours or if the design was an earlier project, you may be subject to disqualification.

*All screenshots or videos are due before Friday at 11:59 PM. Anything turned in later than that will not be accepted. Winners will be announced every Monday.

If this event generates a significant amount of site traffic, this contest could be every week or so.



Get to building!


Want to spawn items on a server? Heres how to get the server client from

  1. Go to and select Download under Play Minecraft Beta

  2. Download the Minecraft Server.exe, as well as the Minecraft Server.jar

  3. Go to the folder where all these downloads were saved. Open the Minecraft Server. Once the server properties file appears, click on it and open with notepad.

  4. Edit the server properties and change the setting for “online mode” to false. Make sure your server port is set to 25565. That’s it. Don’t add or change anything else to the server properties. Save and open up Minecraft Server.exe

  5. Open up your version of Minecraft to the menu screen.

  6. Make sure your minecraft server.exe is running too. On the actual Minecraft game, select Multiplayer. You will write: “:25565” (without quotation marks). Select Connect. If all works well you should be In your own offline server!

How to spawn items:

What is the point of having to run your own server offline? With a server you can use Item IDs to help quickly spawn items. If you did only play Single Player, you would have to craft EVERYTHING. That would take a long time to build structures. To find the complete list of item IDs go here:

When you are on your Minecraft server, go to your minecraft server.exe that is running. There is a text box at the bottom of it. Type in: op player. Yes, in offline mode your username is Player.

This will give you op privileges, and now you can start spawning items. On your Minecraft game it should say that you are op in yellow text. Press T and type in “/give player [insert data value] [insert quantity 1-64]”. Example: /give player 46 64 (which means give the player 64 blocks of TNT)

The data values you can find in the link above. The quantity is how much of that block you want, you can only spawn a max of 64 blocks.

There you go! Hope all goes well. If you have any technical problems or need further help please feel free to email Good luck!


This Weeks Contest Entry cut off date is Sept 16th

Contest written and created by datest9

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    We want to give people more time to create their awesome entries. We are...
  • When's the next contest? Fans (0) Comment (0)
    Just asking because I might participate this time :P.

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