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To use a bow, it must be the active item and there must be arrows somewhere in the player's inventory; they do not need to be on the action bar. Simply right-click to use the bow, which will shoot the arrows. Holding right-click will pull back the string and send the arrow flying faster/farther when released. Pulling the string back all the way releases an arrow with a sparkling effect, causing more damage. The Bow also shakes when fully charged -presumably from the tension of the bow- although it seems to not affect your aim. While the bow is being pulled back, the player will be forced to move at sneak speed.

It should be noted that the bow is very effective at killing powerful foes from afar, such as Ghasts, Skeletons, Creepers, Endermen, Spiders, Cave Spiders and Spider Jockey all of which either use ranged attacks, or are dangerous in close proximity.

As arrows are affected by gravity, they shoot in a parabolic arc. This is hardly noticeable at close range, but becomes more apparent with greater distance. One must aim above mobs at a certain distance, or gain higher ground to effectively neutralize the target. Some players have noticed a slight rightward tendency of shot arrows, although this is speculative.

Previous to 1.8, bows often failed to interact with objects, but would instead shoot. This was a pain when trying to open doors, interact with wolves, etc. This was due to the fact that shooting arrows was an instantaneous action. Now that players are required to 'charge' their bow, this is no longer as much of a problem.


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