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Type Bionic - Physical
HP 1000 HP
Base Delay 480
Turn Delay (per second) 10
Very high attack, but low in defense and HP. Good mobility, and has a large range of angles (though only 1/3 is True angle). Boomer is generally considered to be a hard mobile to master, along with Nakmachine, Kalsiddon and Trico.
Shot 1
A very lightweight boomerang that depends on the wind. Hard to control.
Shot 1 Damage 120-160
Shot 1 Delay 250
Shot 2
Similar to Shot 1, but shoots four boomerangs instead of one. Each of the four boomerangs deals less damage, though.
Shot 2 Damage 230-290
Shot 2 Delay 400
Also similar to Shot 1, except after a few seconds of it being in the air, it turns golden and does a LOT more damage in golden state. If it doesn't have enough time to transform to golden state, it deals shot 1 damage.
SS Damage 350-650
SS Delay 800


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