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"Birth Deluxe" Rapier SS4

All Points Bulletin Reloaded (APB)

# "Birth Deluxe" Rapier SS4 (Criminal Only)

# Premium Discount Price 1599 G1C / Regular Price: 1999 G1C

# Item Description:

The Bishada Rapier SS4 is a high performance vehicle with superior acceleration, braking and grip, but limited space for cargo and passengers. This special 'Birth Deluxe' edition comes pre-equipped with the 4 preset modifications below (these cannot be changed on this vehicle):

# Stats:

Drive Type: Rear-wheel Drive
Acceleration: Max
Speed: Max
Grip: High
Durability: Mid
Ramming Ability: Low
Cargo Capacity: Low
Seats: 2

# Faction: Criminal

# Modifiers:

* Mobile Supply Unit - Deploys a Field Supplier but reduces cargo capacity by 3.
* Nitro Booster 3 - Increases engine output torque by 400% and top speed by 3m per second while active. However reduces turning speed by 90% while active. WARNING - May have undesired results on high torque engines!
* Ramming Plate 3 - Increases ramming damage by 50% but also increases collision damage and brake efficiency by 50%.
* Armored Engine 3 - Increases delay before engine catches fire by 80% but increased engine fire damage by 80%


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