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Type Shield - Laser
HP 760HP, 220HP(shield), regenerate 20HP per round
Base Delay 490
Turn Delay (per second) 10
High attack, good HP and defense. Above average mobility and climbing ability, but lacks accuracy in long distances.
Shot 1
A tracer that, wherever it lands, a floating satellite which is above the A.Sate shoots an inaccurate laser at the guide. If there is anything in between the tracer target and the laser, it will hit the object within its way.
Shot 1 Damage 100-160
Shot 1 Delay 250
Shot 2
The satellite moves 3 times as high as shot 1, and shoots 3 lasers wherever the guide lands.
Shot 2 Damage 200-280
Shot 2 Delay 400
Shoots a large, green guide. Wherever the guide lands, the satellite moves right above wherever the guide landed, and shoots multiple lasers. It is NOT shot straight down, the satellite starts from the left side and shoots a laser, moves approximately half a centimeter to the right and shoots another one. This continues until the satellite has released 5 lasers to the target.
SS Damage 400-550
SS Delay 800


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