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Since Indev, helmets, chestplates, leggings, and boots can be crafted by players out of leather, gold, iron, or diamond (in order of increasing durability). This armor prevents part of the damage dealt to the player, including falling, drowning and fire based damage.
All incoming damage is reduced to a certain percentage based upon the effective armor points of the player (effective armor points are described in detail in Item Durability). Each point of armor reduces the damage you take by 8%, up to the maximum reduction of 80%.
Chainmail Armor. Only acquirable through inventory editing or /give.
Every time the player takes damage the armor loses durability, and its protective capabilities quickly diminish as it loses durability. See Item Durability for more explanation of how armor's durability affects its protective abilities. Materials such as diamond makes a strong armor that withstands quite a bit of punishment, while leather armor barely survives 20 hits. While durability is different, they all have the same effectiveness. For example if you wear a leather helmet it will give you the same amount of protection as a diamond helmet.
Chainmail armor can also be hacked into the game, or crafted with edited-in fire blocks. It has the same durability as gold armor.
Before version 1.0.8, wool was used instead of leather as the lowest tier of armor in Alpha.


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