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Type Mechanical - Electricity/Laser
HP 1000 HP
Base Delay 510
Turn Delay (per second) 10
Weak at first, but very strong when the match is held for prolonged periods of time. It has average mobility. Similar to Nakmachine, it fires from the back of the mobile.
Shot 1
An electrical purple ball. Deals a weak aftershock.
Shot 1 Damage 140-160 (includes aftershock)
Shot 1 Delay 250
Shot 2
It fires three mini-adukas tracers. Wherever the tracers landed, Thor immediately fires 3 beams directly at where the mini-adukas landed. If there is land or another player in between the mini-adukas and Thor, Thor will hit the land or other player instead. Thor is a big purple/red/blue satellite-looking thing that is way up in the sky on each map. As Thor deals more damage, the power of Thor increases, which deals stronger damage.
Shot 2 Damage 140-500
Shot 2 Delay 400
Similar to Nak's SS, it is a mini-aduka that ignores all land. It is different from Nak's SS because it doesn't explode as soon as it hits someone. Instead, whenever it hits a player on the opposite team, Thor shoots a beam right at it, and it continues to fly through the map. It doesn't do much damage, but it can hit many opponents at the same time, and is good for double kills. When your opponent is directly under a hurricane, the Aduka SS can hit him twice (even 3-4 times). The first hit is the moment it touches your opponent, then the SS goes around the hurricane and hits him the second time. More hit could be achieved when you are close to that opponent and you use very low power. Your shot would actually go around the hurricane 3-4 times and this can do very devastating damage, and could result in an unsuspecting double kill.
SS Damage 80-250
SS Delay 800


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